Brighton Best Coupling Nuts

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Also known as extension nuts. coupling nuts are two hexagonal shaped fasteners with two threaded ends. They are used to couple, or join, two threaded rods or pipes of a similar or slightly different diameter. Coupling nuts are most commonly installed using a wrench or socket set.

RC Fasteners & Components is a proud partner and master distributor for Brighton Best International. We supply an extensive inventory of Brighton Best ASTM A563-grade coupling nuts for high strength applications. Choose from a range of sizes and lengths. We offer wholesale, factory-direct prices on all in-stock coupling nuts and can fast drop ship to anywhere in the world. Request a quote today or contact us for more information.

Connect Two Threaded Rods with Brighton Best Zinc Coupling Nuts

Threaded coupling nuts are often used to tighten or push a rod assembly outward. As a general rule, coupling nuts should be about 3x the diameter of the rod or pipe involved. If the nut is too short, the joint will be more prone to failure under heavier loads.

Our selection of Brighton Best coupling nuts is available in sizes ranging from #10 -24 to 1½” and in lengths ranging from W5/16” x L3/4”  to W2” x L4”. All Brighton Best coupling nuts are made from carbon steel and have a Zinc CR+3 coating, signifying RoHs compliance.

Coupling Nuts vs Sleeve Nuts

While coupling nuts and sleeve nuts look very similar and have similar functions, they possess slight differences and cannot be used interchangeably. Both sleeve nuts and coupling nuts are used to join together two rods of a similar diameter. However, sleeve nuts have a right hand thread on one end and a left hand thread on the other, whereas coupling nuts are made with only a right hand thread. Sleeve nuts are also typically longer than coupling nuts and are used to couple tie rods, as opposed to fully threaded rods.

Arizona-Based Master Distributor for Brighton Best Threaded Coupling Nuts

Located in Phoenix, AZ, RC Fasteners & Components is an ISO-certified master distributor for Brighton Best International. No matter your industry or application, we can provide you with the threaded fasteners you need at prices you can afford. We offer wholesale pricing on all in-stock products and can drop ship orders internationally.

Apart from our selection of zinc-coated coupling nuts from Brighton Best, we also offer a wide selection of additional coupling nut options, including plain, hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel, and metric. Contact us to request custom or specialty fasteners designed to your unique specifications.

Contact RC Fasteners Today for Wholesale Brighton Best Hex Coupling Nuts

Request a quote today for direct pricing on our wholesale coupling nuts from BBI. RC Fasteners & Components is your trusted source for premium quality fastener products from Brighton Best International, among other world leading manufacturers. Call us at (623) 516-1551 to speak to an expert.