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Molded Metal Inserts

Molded-in inserts securely fasten when an insert is needed in a setting that is deeper than the insert's length to prevent material from seeping into the insert. Molded type inserts are also available with self locking features for enhanced vibration control.  Whether your application requires thru threaded inserts, threaded blind inserts, or self locking blind inserts, we carry a molded metal insert that is appropriate for your specific application.

At RC Fasteners, we provide a wide range of molded-in inserts for your specific application needs. Our molded type inserts are typically used in applications where the insert provides an attachment point in material no thicker than the length of the insert.

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VMP Molded Metal Insert Options

RC Fasteners & Components is your authorized stocking distributor for all types of inserts from VMP Incorporated. VMP is a USA manufacturer of threaded and non-threaded inserts for plastic and injection moldings. Being an authorized distributor for VMP, we can offer you the best pricing and service and, in many cases, we can ship from the factory in Valencia, California directly to you.

At RC Fasteners, we carry a broad range of molded type inserts. We offer the following types of molded metal inserts for your insert injection molding and industry specific applications.

Blind Threaded Molded-In Inserts

Threaded blind inserts for injection molding are manufactured with a blind end that provides increased protection against plastic intrusion. These high quality molded metal inserts for insert injection molding are designed with aggressive knurling and undercuts to resist rotational and tensile pull loads. 

Self-Locking Blind Inserts

Self locking metal blind inserts for injection molding are manufactured with deformed threads which lock the screw in place to resist vibration. The blind end protects the threads from plastic intrusion.

Thru Threaded Molded Metal Inserts

Thru threaded metal plastic injection molding inserts include a pilot diameter and undercuts allowing the plastic to flow into grooves, providing high pullout resistance. Thru threaded metal inserts are open at both ends and require solid contact with both the core and cavity surfaces to keep resin from flowing inside of the insert.

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