Aircraft Rivets

Aircraft rivets are designed for use in the aviation and aerospace industries, providing secure holds throughout the entirety of the machine. Aerospace rivets including cherry max rivets, huck blind rivets, cherrylock rivets, and semi tubular aircraft rivets feature their own unique design specifications to allow for secure holds no matter the application.

RC Fasteners & Components is your trusted supplier of custom and wholesale aircraft rivets. We provide direct competitor price matching and offer free ground shipping on all orders over $100. Contact us for more information regarding our aerospace rivet product options including cherry rivets, huck rivets, cherrylock rivets, and semi tubular aircraft rivets or request a custom pricing quote today.

Aircraft Rivet Advantages 

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Since there are so many unique options, aerospace rivets provide exclusive benefits that cannot be matched by other styles of fasteners. At RC Fasteners & Components, we specialize in standard and custom manufactured aircraft rivets. Our aerospace rivets meet AS9100D certification and MIL Spec standards. Additional benefits include:
  • Numerous material options
  • Multiple surface finishes
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong
  • Easy to assemble
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Aerospace Rivet Product Options 

At RC Fasteners, we provide both in stock and custom rivet products. Whether your project requires completely customized aerospace rivets or standard aircraft rivets, we have you covered. Our custom options allow you to purchase the rivet that is manufactured to your project’s exact specifications. Contact us to learn more about our custom aerospace river product options or Request a Quote today.

Solid Aircraft Rivets

Solid rivets manufactured exclusively for the aviation and aerospace industries consist of a shaft and a head which are installed using a specialized hammer, squeezer, or rivet gun. Solid aircraft rivets provide the most common method to fasten or join aluminum alloys in aircraft construction and repair.

Semi Tubular Aircraft Rivets

Semi tubular aerospace rivets are manufactured with a shallow hole on the tip, opposite the head. The hole allows the tubular portion of the rivet to roll outward when force is applied, reducing the amount of force required for installation when compared with solid rivets.

Cherry Max Rivets

Cherry rivets feature a blind design and are specifically designed to retain the non-breakaway part of the stem as a structural part of the finished rivet. Cherry Max rivets are manufactured with universal or countersunk heads and are commonly used where only one side of the joint is accessible such as the wings and tail.

Cherry Lock Rivets

The Cherry Lock rivet is a blind rivet system that displays high strength performance and are best suited for high vibration areas and dimpled applications. Cherry Lock rivets are extremely reliable, while providing simple visual inspection.

Huck Rivets

Aviation Huck rivets are designed with an internal locking mechanism that provides enhanced vibration and moisture resistance for high performance applications. Huck rivets are designed to provide a permanent, vibration-resistant fastening solution resulting in consistent installations.

Custom Aircraft Rivets Made-To-Print

Looking for custom aerospace rivets made to your specifications? Look no further than RC Fasteners & Components. We have special relationships with quality ISO9001 certified domestic manufacturers of solid and semi-tubular rivets that can get you the best price and delivery to meet your needs.

We also can offer valued engineering services that will get you top expert advice on your application and show you how you can save time and money and eliminate the problems you may have had in the past. Request a quote today.

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Contact us for more information regarding our premium aerospace rivet options, including Cherry rivets, Huck rivets, solid rivets, and semi tubular rivets or request a quote for direct pricing information today. RC Fasteners & Components is your trusted supplier of in stock standard and custom aircraft rivets.