Wire and Cable

Custom wire and cable are a perfect solution for specialty applications or when standard products do not meet your application requirements. Custom cable manufacturers can create products based on your exact needs, including mil-spec, UL/CSA approval and other industry specifications. This includes products manufactured based on your custom cable design or in-stock wire and cabling that is modified to meet your exact requirements.

Benefits of Custom Cable Design for Any Application

There are many advantages to using custom wire and cable. Perhaps the most significant advantage is knowing that you are getting a product designed for your exact project that meets industry compliance requirements. Other advantages include being able to choose your material type based on operating environment requirements and further customizing your cables with custom colors, fittings, printing and branding.

The custom cable design process takes longer than using cables that are already in-stock, but the advantages make it worth the additional time.  Our experts will work with you to determine your requirements and based on that information, will help you determine whether modifying existing cables or doing a custom cable design is the best option. Whichever you choose, we will make sure your custom wire and cable order meets your expectations.

Custom Cable Manufacturing from Industry Certified Manufacturers   

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RC Fasteners & Components is excited about our new line of wire and cable we’ve added to our component and fastener superstore. We’re also excited to announce our new partnership with AWC which is a premier ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer of quality electrical wire, electronic cable, heat shrink tubing and wire management products here in the USA. Our partnership allows us to have access to over $50 million of inventory of wire and cable including custom cable design and manufacturing, value-added services to meet unique needs, custom lengths, cut and strip, custom labels, striping, printing and more.
A list of these products and custom cable design services includes:  

  • Custom Cable
  • Hook-Up Wire / Lead Wire
  • Automotive Wire & Battery Cable
  • Marine Wire & Shipboard Cable
  • High Temperature Wire
  • Mil Spec Wire
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Power Cable & Portable Cord
  • Data Communications Cable
  • Security Cable
  • Specialty Lighting Cable
  • Fire Alarm Cable
  • Tray Cable
  • Industrial Cable
  • Control & Automation Cable
  • Halogen Free Cable
  • Rapid Transit Cable
  • Utility Cable
  • Solar Cable & Wind Cable
  • and much more!

Custom Wire and Cable for Electronic Applications

Wire and cabling are used for various electronic applications and includes several cable types including coaxial cable, triaxial cable, resistance wire, MATV cables, speaker wire and process control cables, just to name a few. This type of wire and cabling typically consists of stranding that is coated with a layer of insulation, then placed in jacketing to prevent electric shock and protect the cable from damage.

Custom electronic wires and cables are available in various grades and designs for standard applications and high-speed data or high-voltage applications. Power rating, voltage, impedance and operating environment are all critical considerations in custom cable design for electronics. Some of the common applications for electronic wire and cables include:
  • Computers
  • Data communication lines
  • Lighting
  • Cable TV delivery
  • Speakers and audio
  • Security and fire protection

Custom Broadcast Cables

Broadcast cables include custom cables such as coax cables, camera cables, multi-fiber cables and fiber optic assemblies used for various digital audio and data transfer applications. Cables and wiring used in broadcasting is required to carry large amount of data at fast speeds and must withstand frequent bending, twisting and depending on the application, exposure outdoor elements. They are used in home applications and in recording studios, TV and radio stations, production facilities and more.

Applications for custom broadcast cables include:
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Networking

Custom Mil-Spec Wires and Cables

Custom cable and wire for military applications must adhere to strict guidelines related to material and design. Custom wires and cables used for mil-spec applications include multi-conductor cables, coaxial cables and portable power cables. As a mil-spec wire provider, we can manufacture custom cabling meeting a wide range of military requirements and provide in-stock mil-spec wire indicated in the image below.


Wire1 Wire2

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RC Fasteners & Components provides a range of wire and cable solutions including custom cable design based on your application requirements. We are ISO9001:2015 registered and take every measure to deliver quality products and services. 

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