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Plastic components including nylon washers and spacers are widely used in the electronics industry because it is effective at protecting wires and other electronic components from damaging heat and electrostatic discharge. It is also lightweight and strong, resists friction and vibration, and will not corrode. Nylon components provide high wear resistance, can withstand high temperatures and do not burn, making them an excellent choice for electronics and other applications.

Custom nylon washers and spacers are just two examples of plastic components used by the electronics industry. Other nylon components include screws, nuts, guides, wire terminals, bushings, and more. Nylon spacers and hardware are a cost-effective solution that can be installed as-is or customized to meet unique application requirements.

Plastic and Nylon Components for Computers and Electronics

RC Fasteners and Components is your one stop component and fastener superstore for all types of plastic and nylon electronic hardware for the circuit board and wire management industry. We carry plastic components from manufacturers including HeycoRichcoPanduit and more. In addition to our in-stock fasteners, we provide a full line of custom plastic components including custom nylon spacers and custom nylon washers for electronic applications.

Custom Washers, Fasteners and Spacers in Nylon

  • Bushings: Nylon bushings are round, hollow fasteners that are inserted in holes to protect electronic wires and cables from uneven and sharp edges.
  • LED Spacers: Designed specifically for LED applications to help position the LED body on a PCB and prevent the LED legs from bending or shorting.
  • Plastic Screws, Nuts and Washers: Provide a durable and corrosion-resistant option for assembling electronic components. We carry a range of washers in nylon and other materials to meet a range of application requirements.
  • Rivets: Nylon push-in rivets that are manually installed into pre-drilled holes to mount boards and panels
  • Spacers & Standoffs: Hollow cylindrical fasteners used to position, connect and create space between electronic components. We carry various standoffs and unthreaded spacers in nylon and a range of metals.

Nylon Components for Protecting and Mounting PCB Assemblies

  • Bumpers & Feet: Self-adhesive bumpers and feet absorb shock and provide traction to prevent electronic components from moving and shifting.
  • Card Guides: Long, narrow guides for PCB mounting. Card guides are used for horizonal and vertical mounting and re available in low profile, high vibration and static sensitive options.
  • Circuit Board Supports: Used in electronics applications to protect circuit boards from electrical transmission.
  • Cord & Edge Protectors: Protective covers that slide over cords and the edge of circuit boards to protect them from damage and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Plastic Components for Wires and Cabling

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  • Cable Ties & Accessories: Nylon cable ties are available in various lengths and are a cost-effective solution for mounting and bundling cables and wires.
  • Heat Shrink Tubing: Shrinkable thermoplastic tubing used to insulate wire conductors, terminals, joints and connections. When heat is applied, the tubing shrinks and wraps tightly around the wired, connectors and cabling. Heat shrink tubing is used for harnessing and color coding, helps seal out water and dust, and protects wires from corrosion.
  • Insulators and End Caps: Insulative caps protect the exposed ends of wires and cables from environmental elements and heat shrink.
  • Wire Terminals: Insulated wire terminals made from flexible, semi-translucent nylon that is easy to crimp and provides long-term protection.
  • Wire Connectors: Used to connect electrical wiring terminals and provide insulation in high temperatures
  • Wire Routing Devices: Includes a range of accessories for mounting and routing wires and cables for electronics applications

Custom Capabilities for Nylon Washers and Spacers

We provide custom nylon components and quality plastic component alternatives that are designed, engineered and manufactured to save you money. Ask a RC Certified Fastener Specialist today about saving money on quality equivalents. Send us a manufacture part number, print or sample and we’ll be glad to cross it over and even provide samples at no charge. When saving money is high on your list, these quality USA made alternatives can’t be beat.

Request a Quote for Custom Plastic Components

Request a quote for custom nylon components or contact RC Fasteners & Components to discuss fastener options for your electronics application. We also provide kitting, bin stocking and other value added services in addition to our offering of in-stock and custom nylon components.