Proferred Blind Rivets by BBI. "Preferred by professionals" Blind rivets are a very versatile fastening system and are mainly used in applications where there's no access to the rear or blind side of the joint. The rivets have a two piece construction. One is called the rivet body or the shell and the other is the stem or mandrel. Both parts are pre-assembled and ready to use. Fastening is done by using a special tool to draw the mandrel which causes the body to deform and clamp the joint. On reaching the designed clamping force, the mandrel snaps and it is discarded.

RC Fasteners & Components stocks 4 different material combinations of the body and the mandrel to meet your application requirements. We provide a range of diameter and grip range options to meet your sizing requirements and provide accessories like backup rivet washers for applications requiring extra support. RC Fasteners also carries various styles including countersunk blind rivets, large flange blind rivets, closed-end blind rivets and multi-grip blind rivets.

We are your source for BBI Proferred Rivets. The top quality brand preferred by professionals.  See application data here and download our Rivet Conversion Chart for assistance finding the right BBI Proferred rivet for your application. 

Standard and Custom Rivets for Virtually Any Application 

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RC Fasteners carries standard rivets in a wide range of sizes and materials to meet the needs of virtually any application. Blind rivets are quick and easy to install and provide a strong, reliable connection that resists vibration. The majority of our rivets are open ended, meaning they have a hollow body. For applications where exposure to gas and moisture is present, we also provide closed-end rivets that feature a fully enclosed body.
Grip range is important and should be chosen based on your material thickness to ensure proper setting and a secure hold. You will also need to pay attention to the rivet diameter to make sure it matches your hole size, and select a blind rivet material that compatible with your application material.

Blind Rivets for Standard Applications

We provide a variety of blind rivets, backup rivet washers and rivet nuts available for purchase through our online store. Our blind rivets are offered in numerous sizes and constructed with aluminum, steel, and/or stainless steel to meet a range of material requirements.
  • Large Flange Blind Rivets: feature a larger flange and are ideal for applications involving large or irregular holes or to provide superior holding power when working with soft or thin materials
  • Countersunk Blind Rivets: feature a countersunk flange that sits flush with the material surface to prevent the rivet from catching on mechanical equipment
  • Standard Blind Rivets: features a dome head for standard blind rivet fastening applications
  • Blind Rivets with Painted Heads: standard blind rivets with a white or black painted head to match painted materials or provide a customized look
  • Backup Rivet Washers: for use with large or irregular holes or to provide extra holding power when working with thin or soft materials
  • Closed-End Blind Rivets: feature a fully enclosed head to prevent gas and liquids from seeping through the rivet
  • Multi-Grip Blind Rivets: a multi-grip surface and wide grip range than standard rivets for extra clamping force and versatility
  • Rivet Nuts: are used to increase load bearing strength and designed for use with standard fasteners.

Aerospace and Mil-Spec Rivets

RC Fasteners stocks a range of Aerospace Rivets from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. All aerospace rivets are manufactured from various stainless steel alloys and designed to provide superior strength, durability, and temperature and corrosion resistance.
  • AN430
  • AN441
  • AN442
  • AN455
  • AN456
  • AN123151-AN123450
  • AN123451-AN125100
  • AN125401-AN125700
  • MS20426
  • MS20427
  • MS20470
  • MS20613
  • MS20615
  • NAS508
  • NAS1097
  • NAS1198
  • NAS1199

Custom Rivets Made-to-Print

Looking for custom rivets made to your specifications? Look no further than RC Fasteners & Components. We have special relationships with quality ISO9001 certified domestic manufacturers of solid and semi-tubular rivets that can get you the best price and delivery to meet your needs. We also can offer valued engineering services that will get you top expert advice on your application and show you how you can save time and money and eliminate the problems you may have had in the past. Request a quote today.

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RC Fasteners provides standard and custom rivets, including aerospace rivets, in a range of sizes and materials. Shop our online store or contact us to discuss your custom rivet needs.