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Anchor bolts are designed to securely connect structural and non-structural elements to a surface. Brighton Best anchors cater to a wide variety of applications, including solid or hollow concrete, solid or hollow brick, stone, drywall, plaster, plywood, and more.

RC Fasteners partners with Brighton Best International to supply our customers with a variety of imported and domestic anchors at wholesale prices. Brighton Best is a leading provider for a wide range of RoHS compliant fasteners manufactured to meet your quality standards. Click into any of the categories below to request a quick quote. Contact us today with any questions.

Types of Anchor Bolts from Brighton Best International

Anchors are available in a range of sizes, styles, materials, and coatings. Click into any of the options below to view availability and add to your cart. Can’t find the style, size, or material you’re looking for? Contact us, and we will assist you in finding the best anchor for your application needs.

Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in anchors are low-profile, female threaded anchors with a cylindrical expansion shield and cone shaped expander plug. These anchors have a removable bolt and fixture, allowing the anchor to remain in place for later use. Drop-in anchors are designed to sit flush against a surface when installed.

Expansion Shield Anchors

Expansion anchors are designed to be inserted into predrilled holes. Once installed, these anchors will expand to fit tightly inside the sides of the hole. Expansion anchors are ideal for shear loads or applications subject to vibration or side pressure.

Hammer Drive Anchors

Hammer drive anchors require a hammer to drive the anchor into place. These anchors are best suited to lighter-duty applications and are most commonly installed in dry, indoor environments.

Hollow Wall Anchors

Hollow wall anchors provide a sturdy mount for thin or hollow surfaces, such as drywall and plasterboard. When installed, these anchors thread into the material and expand as the screw is tightened to ensure an unmoving connection.

Lag Shield Anchors

Lag shields are screw-like anchors designed for use with lag bolts. These fasteners are most commonly installed in concrete, brick, and block base material and are ideal for light to medium duty applications.

Machine Screw Anchors

Machine screw anchors are designed to accommodate just about any hole size and screw head. These anchors are easy to install and have a cone insert that expands against the walls of the material to form a secure fit.

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchors are one of the most versatile type of anchor because they can be used in a wide variety of solid base materials. These anchors consist of a tubular expander sleeve assembled over a threaded stud with a cone-shaped end. As the nut is tightened, the stud is pulled into the expander to lock the anchor into the base material.

Toggle Wing Anchors

Also known as toggle bolts or butterfly anchors, toggle wing anchors have wings that open and brace against a hollow wall once installed inside it to form a secure connection. These anchors are commonly used in materials like drywall or plasterboard.

Wedge Anchors

Wedge anchors are one of the strongest anchors in terms of holding power. These anchors function similarly to sleeve anchors, but have a smaller sleeve near the bottom of the anchor. They differ from sleeve anchors in that they can only be installed in concrete material.

Wood Screw Anchors

Wood screw anchors wedge into a predrilled hole and expand to form a tight fit. These anchors are used in conjunction with a wood screw and are typically used for lighter duty, shallow hold anchoring applications.

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