Rubber Hardware

RC Fasteners & Components carries a variety of standard and custom rubber, seal and elastomer molded products for many different industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Appliance, Farming, Motors, Laboratory, Truck and Trailer, and more. 

What is the Difference Between Rubber vs. Elastomer?

Rubber is a polymetric substance known for its durability, strength and flexibility. While highly flexible, it can be transformed into a hard substance through a process known as vulcanization. The term “rubber” is used to describe natural and synthetic substances:  natural latex rubber is a milky substance that comes from a plant, and synthetic rubber is created from chemicals. Both forms are widely used throughout various industries to create everything from seals and gaskets to tires.
Elastomers are synthetic, rubber-like materials that are made from plastic. They feature the same strength, flexibility and durability as natural rubber but also have excellent heat and chemical resistance and are tear and abrasion resistant. Elastomer molding is used to create various types of rubber hardware including wire insulation, gaskets, seals, medical device components and much more.
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Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts for Reducing Mechanical Noise and Vibration

Anti-vibration mounts are a type of rubber hardware that is used to reduce noise, shock and vibration in engines and machinery. This helps increase the longevity of components by reducing wear and are used by industries including automotive, defense and power generation.
Our options for anti-vibration mounts include:
  • Cylindrical Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts: Suppress vibration and control noise and shock in mechanical applications. They have a cylindrical shape and are available with male and/or female threads for mounting to equipment.
  • Rectangular Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts: Reduce high-frequency vibration and are commonly used to provide support for construction components.   
  • Center Bolt Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts: Feature a bolt that allows the rubber hardware to be bolted or screwed into a piece of equipment.
  • Specialty Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts: Custom rubber mounts designed based on your specifications.

Die Cut Rubber Gaskets and Extruded Rubber Hardware

We offer a variety of die-cut rubber gaskets and rubber hardware manufactured through elastomer molding and extrusion for use in industrial, medical and automotive applications. Some of our offerings include:
  • O-rings: Rubber hardware that is ring-shaped and used to form a tight seal between pipes, tubes and mechanical components.  We carry AS568 O-rings and offer customization.
  • TetraSeals: Circular seals with a square cross-section for use as an alternative to standard O-rings. They are made using various elastomeric compounds provide an effective seal against gas and fluids. TetraSeal compounds meet ASTM material specifications to accommodate a range of automotive and industrial applications.
  • Self-Sealing Screws:  Metal screws that feature a built-in O-ring to seal out air, moisture and contaminants. In some applications, they are also used to seal in gas and fluid. We offer Mil-Spec and custom self-sealing screws in a wide range of options including machine screws, socket cap and hex bolts, seal screws and more.
  • Rubber Bumpers: Absorb shock and provide ventilation between two parts and are commonly used in automotive applications. The different types of rubber hardware include recessed bumpers, button bumpers, stem bumpers, bumpon bumpers, tack bumpers and machine screw bumpers.
  • Step Bushings: Serve as an interface between two parts to reduce friction and dampen vibration. They are manufactured in a range of shapes though cylindrical step bushings are the most common. Step bushings are used in vehicle components as well as for providing a seal for pipes, tubes and wires. 
  • Elastomeric Balls: Round rubber balls used to seal out dirt, fluid, water and air in check valve applications. They do not require any lubrication and are ideal for low-pressure applications. Available in standard sizes.
  • Rubber Extrusions: A type of rubber hardware that is run through a rubber extruder to create a continuous profile. They are provided in standard and custom sizes and include a range of shapes including square, round, hollow and channeled. Rubber extrusions are used for a range of sealing and insulating applications including appliances, doors, windows and more.
  • Rubber Grommets:  Rubber hardware with a flared or collared shape that used to keep oils, fluids and grease in or out of a component, and for use as vibration dampers. They are also used to protect wires and cabling from fraying or other damage caused by sharp edges.  We offer off-the-shelf rubber grommets and Mil-Spec MS35489 Series rubber hardware that resists coolant and withstands hot oil.

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