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Wholesale Nylon Washers

Nylon washers are thin plastic plates with a hole in the middle designed to evenly distribute the load of a threaded fastener. Nylon washers are non-corrosive, non-conductive, and resistant to friction and vibration, making them the ideal choice for electronic applications.

From standard hex to special finish, RC Fasteners supplies a variety of nylon washers in a wide range of sizes. Browse just some of our selection below. Custom options are available upon request.

For more information regarding our nylon washers, get in touch with our sales team or call us at 623-516-1551 with any questions you may have.

Custom Nylon Washer Advantages

As an experienced washer supplier, RC Fasteners & Components can provide you with quality bulk nylon washers sure to fit your project needs. Advantages of buying from us include:
  • Price matching for bulk nylon nuts
  • Custom nylon nut capabilities
  • Wide variety of assorted styles and features

Bulk Nylon Washer and Nylon Flat Washer Options

Nylon Cup Washers

Nylon cup washers are typically used in electrical applications to protect the head of a metal screw. They can be paired with a variety of screw styles including hex, binder, round, and more.

Nylon Finishing Washers

Often paired with countersunk screws, finishing washers typically double as guides, bumpers, and spacers to avoid scratching of surfaces. The top of the washer fits flush against a fastener head to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Nylon Hex Washers

Hex washers have a six-sided head to evenly distribute pressure and protect a surface’s finish. These washers are designed to survive intense vibrations.

Nylon Retaining Washers

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Retaining washers have an arch shape that allows them grip tightly onto a screw shank. Nylon retaining washers are useful in applications where high levels of torque and heat are present.

Nylon Shoulder Washers

Frequently used as a spacer, nylon shoulder washers have excellent insulating properties to block electrical currents and prevent corrosion.

Nylon Flat Washers

These washers are flat on both sides to increase surface area and more evenly distribute the force of a tightened bolt or nut. Nylon flat washers are strong, noncorrosive, and resistant to damage from heat and electricity. 

Nylon Special Washers

Special washers are similar to standard designs, but are defined by their non-circular structures. RC Fasteners supplies a variety of special washers, including nylon special cup washers, nylon special finishing washers, nylon special flat washers, and nylon special retaining washers.

Custom Nylon Washers

In addition to our wholesale nylon washers, we also offer custom and specialty nylon washers that meet your unique specification requirements. Contact one of our experienced fastening experts to find a custom solution that works best for you.

Trusted Supplier of Nylon Hardware Components

RC Fasteners works with experienced manufacturers, including Heyco, Panduit and Richco Plastics, to ensure we’re providing our customers with the highest quality nylon fastening solutions. We also carry high quality direct equivalent plastic and nylon components normally at a much lower price. Apart from our selection of washers, we stock and supply a wide range of nylon products including nylon nuts, nylon bushings, nylon screws, nylon spacers & standoffs, nylon rivets, and more.

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RC Fasteners is your trusted source for wholesale and custom nylon washers. We are committed to finding you the best quality nylon washers at competitive prices. For more information on our wholesale and custom nylon washer options, reach out to our sales staff or request a quote.
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