Clamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials and are used in many different applications in many different industries including automotive, electrical, industrial, aerospace and others. Clamps are made from metal or plastic and are used for binding, joining, securing and running electrical cable, piping and more.

We Offer Custom and Specialty Clamps of All Sizes to Meet Your Application Requirements

RC Fasteners & Components stocks an assortment of clamps ranging from steel and stainless-steel hose clamps to cable clamps made from nylon and metal.  We carry claps from manufacturers such as RichcoHeycoPanduit and many more and supply direct equivalents to most manufacture specs, many times at a fraction of the price.
Below is a sampling of the various clamps we offer. If you don’t see a clasp listed that meets your requirements, send us a manufacture part number, print or just give us the size, and our experts will find you the best price and delivery available.

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Screw or band clamps

Also known as hose clamps or pipe clamps, they are typically made from galvanized steel or rubber material. They feature a captive screw on one end and require the use of a screwdriver to tighten and loosen the clamp. This style of pipe clamp is commonly used for automotive hoses and exhaust pipes as well as plumbing hoses and pipes.  Hose clamps are available for hoses and pipes up to 7” in diameter.

Spring clamps

Are constructed of spring steel and feature two tabs that bend outward. A pliers or other tool is used to press the two tabs together to open the clasp so it can be slid into a hose. When the tabs are released, the hose clamp tightens to form a secure hold. Since they don’t require a screwdriver for tightening, they are ideal for tight or narrow spaces that are less accessible.

Cable clamps

Are typically made of metal and may also be coated with plastic or rubber, depending on the style. They are used to clamp or bundle cables and wiring and feature a jaw or threaded section for mounting the clamp onto a surface. Cable clamps are offered in different styles including U-type, edge, parallel, and J-hook. This style of clamp is commonly used for commercial, automotive, industrial, and other applications. Typical opening size for a cable clamp is 1/2” up to 4”.

Ground clamps

Are used to secure grounding wires to a grounder and are typically made of bronze or zinc.  They are used in welding applications and for the installation of antennas, copper water pipes, and more.

Wire harness clamps

Are metal or plastic clasps that help reduce vibration and are used to route and organize wiring and small cables. These clamps are C-shaped and feature holes at either end to brace the clasp to a surface. Wire harness clamps are used for a wide range of applications including hoses, wiring and cabling for automotive and industrial applications.

Handheld clamps

Are vise-like devises used to brace or clasp wood, metal and other materials. They are used for welding, construction and woodworking and are offered in various sizes and configurations.

Considerations for Selecting the Right Clamp Size or Diameter

A clamp must be the correct size to effective brace or clasp an item. If your clamp is too large or small for your hose, wire or cabling, you will not achieve a secure hold. Measure the diameter of your hose, pipe or cabling and then select a clamp that matches that diameter. Hose clamps are a bit more versatile because they are easily tightened, so you can select a size that is slightly larger than required. For hand clamps or wood clamps, you should accommodate a device that provides an opening wide enough to accommodate your material thickness.

In Stock and Custom Aerospace Clamps

RC Fasteners & components supplies single loop cushioned clamps and multi loop cushioned clamps for the aerospace industry stocked under  AS21919, AS5874, MS21106, MS21322, MS21333, MS9349, MS9350, MS9351, MS9352 and NAS1715.
These clamps provide effective bracing and are constructed from aluminum or stainless steel and resist chemicals, vibration, high temperatures and shock for demanding applications. Cushioned and multi-looped cushioned clamps for aerospace feature a removable neoprene cushion that is flame-resistance and protects wires, cables and hoses from abrasion.

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