Bushings and Bearings

A variety of bushings from custom to off-the-shelf bushings to nylon bushings are available in an assortment of materials and platings - RC Fasteners & Components is your one stop fastener superstore.


Bushings, also referred to as sleeve bearings or shoulder washers, are installed directly on a shaft and provide an interface between two rotating parts. Bearings have a simple cylindrical or flange shape and do not have any moving or rolling parts yet are highly effective at carrying high loads. They are either solid in construction or have a split joint to allow for easier installation. Custom bushings and off-the-shelf bushings are made from various materials including metal, ceramic, rubber or thermoplastic material and are available in lubricated and self-lubricating options.


Bearings help reduce friction and vibration and provide insulation by carrying the radial load of parts with sliding or rotating movement. The load capacity that can be handled by bushings depends on the bearing style, material and size. Material is also a factor in thermal conductivity, temperature resistance, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance. In addition to shafting applications, bushings are also used for wire, cabling and telecommunications installation to guide wires and cables and protect them from unfinished holes and surfaces.

Standard and Custom Bushings and Bearings for Shafts, Cabling and More

RC Fasteners & Components is your one stop fastener superstore for a variety of bushings from custom to off-the-shelf bushings available in an assortment of materials and platings. Our in-stock bushings and bearings include the ever popular Heyco strain relief series of bushings that are used in a variety of applications. We also carry a nice inventory of wholesale nylon or fiber bushings or “shoulder washers” as referred to in the industry, that are in stock and available for immediate delivery.
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Custom Bearing and Bushing Styles for Automotive and Commercial Applications

Car bushings are made from various materials and are used for a range of applications including automotive suspension systems, manual transmission gear sticks, engine crankshafts, alternators, locomotive components, and more.
We offer various types of standard bushings including nylon shoulder washers, nylon bushings, and fiber bushings. If you don’t see the style or material type you require listed below, contact our representatives and we will assist you in finding the right bearing to meet your application requirements.

Nylon bushings:

Nylon bushings feature a cylindrical or flange shape and are made from heat-stabilized nylon. They are used applications involving wire or cabling, and for rotary shaft installation.

Fiber bushings:

Are multi-layered, self-lubricating bushings that are cylindrical in shape and resistant to chemicals and corrosion. They are used for rotary shaft applications and to protect and insulate cables and wiring.

Shoulder washers:

Provide a bearing surface for rotary applications and are also used to insulate wire, rivets and screws. The flange of a shoulder washer can be used to provide a thrust bearing surface or to help positively locate a bushing. Available materials include fiberglass, nylon, and plastic.

Some of the styles of Heyco bushings we offer for rotary shaft and cabling applications include:

  • Universal bushings: feature locking fingers to absorb vibration and help cushion and insulate cables, hoses, tubing and shafts.
  • Shorty bushings: for installation into mounting panels to provide feed-thru installation of electrical wiring and telecommunication cables.
  • Snap bushings: install easily into raw-edged holes to create a smooth and neat surface for cables, hoses and wiring.
  • Snap-in liquid tight bushings: are used for indoor and outdoor cabling applications to provide a tight seal against water and other liquids.
  • Open/closed bushings: feature a split design for installation on pre-assembled parts and components.
  • Strain relief bushings: protect power supply cables and help direct cables to a panel. They can be used a back or bottom bumper and are ideal for limited space applications.

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Customer CNC and made to print bearings are a specialty of ours. We sell numerous custom precision bushings both made domestic or import from quality ISO9001 manufactures. Contact an RC Certified Fastener Specialist for more information or request a quote for your bushings today.

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