Metal & Brass Inserts for Plastic

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Also known as threaded bushings, threaded inserts provide an alternative to cutting threads into a surface. Depending on the specific type, threaded metal inserts can be used to replace stripped threads, set threads into a molded part, or create a threaded hole in soft or thin material.

RC Fasteners & Components is your trusted source for premium wholesale and metal and brass inserts. Click into either category below to browse custom molded inserts, injection molded inserts, ultrasonic inserts, and more. Contact Us for more information regarding our selection or Request a Quote for the insert fasteners you need.

Injection Molding Threaded Inserts

Injection molding inserts are designed for use in thermoset, thermoplastics, and other types of molded plastics. These components are placed into molds prior to the injection of material to ensure the finished part contains metal threads. Molded-in inserts are made from brass, steel, or stainless steel to ensure long thread life and provide a secure base for fastening screws. We offer a wide variety of threaded inserts for plastic parts, including:
  • Thru Thread Mold-In Inserts
  • Blind Thread Inserts (Rivet Nuts)
  • Self-Locking Blind Thread Inserts
  • Bullet-Nose Type Inserts
  • Threaded Studs

Custom Molded-In Threaded Inserts

Using your specifications, we can provide custom threaded inserts for your unique molding application. Whether you require brass inserts, stainless steel inserts, blind thread insets, self-locking inserts, thru thread inserts, or threaded studs, RC Fasteners & Components will work with your project requirements to provide you with the custom threaded inserts you need. Contact us today to discuss your metal insert specifications.

Ultrasonic Inserts

Ultrasonic inserts provide the strength performance of a molded-in insert, but are installed post molding by way of high frequency vibrations. These vibrations, conducted with an ultrasonic horn, generate enough heat to melt the plastic and imbed the insert securely into the component. Ultrasonic metal insert options include:
  • Standard Ultrasonic Inserts
  • Ultrasonic Locking Inserts
  • Ultrasonic Locking Inserts with Head
  • Double Ended Ultrasonic Inserts

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