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Metal insert fastener products provide features and benefits for a wide range of applications. High performance insert fasteners are available in a variety of materials and thread options and can be installed during the molding or post molding process. Whether your project requires threaded or unthreaded metal inserts, RC Fasteners & Components stocks the metal insert fasteners you need.

RC Fasteners & Components is your trusted source for premium wholesale and custom metal and brass inserts. We stock insert fasteners in the styles and materials your project requires. Contact Us for more information regarding our threaded and non-threaded insert options or Request a Quote for the fasteners you need today.

Custom Molded Metal Inserts

Molded metal insert fasteners are manufactured with a wide range of features including locking capabilities. Molded inserts are available in numerous varieties including blind and thru and are utilized when an insert is needed in a setting that is deeper than the insert's length to prevent material from seeping into the insert. Thru molded-in inserts are typically used in applications where the insert provides an attachment point in material no thicker than the length of the insert.  Molded metal insert options include:

  • Thru Thread
  • Thread Blind
  • Self-Locking Blind
  • Studs
  • Bullet-Nose Type

Injection Molding Inserts

Injection molding inserts are typically made from brass, steel or stainless steel and are manufactured with a threaded surface to provide better adhesion to the plastic. They are placed in the mold either by hand or by machine with the mold in a vertical position. This positioning allows gravity to keep the insert in place as the mold is closed. As the molten plastic resin is slowly poured into mold, it helps hold the insert in a fixed position.

Insert Molding combines metal and plastics, or multiple combinations of materials and components into a single unit. The process makes use of engineering plastics for improved wear resistance, tensile strength and weight reduction as well as using metallic materials for strength and conductivity.

Post Molded Metal Inserts

Post molded metal fasteners provide certain advantages that mold-in inserts do not provide. Post mold inserts provide reduction of in place cost, no secondary operation to clean flash residue from threads, fewer rejects due to dislodged inserts and ease of installation.

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Rotational Mold Inserts

Rotational mold metal inserts are dumbbell-shaped and are available in a variety of shapes including multi-collared, one-headed, square, and hex. These highly useful metal inserts are used primarily to provide anchor points for other hardware such as handles and hinges. Rotational mold metal insert options include:
  • Pipe Thread
  • SAE Thread
  • Bulkhead

Ultrasonic Inserts

Ultrasonic inserts are manufactured for ultrasonic equipment and feature a flange or head. These highly useful metal inserts can provide beneficial locking features and are applied post molding into an appropriately sized straight or angled pilot hole. Ultrasonic metal insert options include:
  • Inserts
  • Locking
  • Locking Style with Head
  • Double End

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Contact us for more information regarding our custom and wholesale metal insert fastener options or Request a Quote for direct pricing information today. RC Fasteners & Components is your trusted source for premium quality metal inserts and fastener products.