Hinges & Latches

Hinges are manufactured in various styles and configurations to accommodate a wide range of door, cabinet and lid installation applications. There are standard and self-adjusting hinges in both concealed and visible styles, allowing a full range of flexibility for installation. Common materials for hinges and latches include steel, brass, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Other considerations for selecting hinges include thickness, open width, pin diameter and knuckle length.

RC Fasteners & Components is an authorized distributor providing a wide range of stock hinges and latches from trusted manufactures including continuous hinges, butt hinges, stop and spring loaded hinges, slip joint hinges, and knife hinges and more. If your application requires customized latches and hinges, we also offer several value-added services, including: 

  • Plating and anodizing 
  • Powder coating
  • Grinding
  • Piercing
  • Pre-applied Loctite, nylon patch, pellet or strip
  • Additional re-working services may be available upon request
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Durable Custom Hinges Offered in a Range of Sizes and Configurations

Hinges are manufactured in various configurations and sizes ranging from fractions of an inch to several inches. Widths and material thickness also vary based on the hinge style and the requirements of your application.

Cabinet Butt Hinges

Cabinet butt hinges are constructed of two rectangular metal plates joined together with either a pin or rod. The plates have a series of screw holes for attaching the cabinet butt hinge to the cabinet door and frame. Standard sizes for cabinet butt hinges range from 3/4” to 3” high and open widths of 3/16” to 3” with custom sizes available upon request. Material options include brass, bronze and nickel with various finishes.

Knife Cabinet Hinges

Knife cabinet hinges are flat hinges that allow cabinet doors to fully open and lay flat against a neighboring cabinet. They are installed along the top of a cabinet door and are semi-concealed, with only the pin being visible when the door is open. The typical size range for knife cabinet hinges is 1/4” to 1/2” with an option for custom sizes. Material options include brass and nickel.

Loose Joint Hinges

Loose joint hinges, also called take-apart hinges or slip joint hinges, are used in removable door and lid applications. They consist of two metal plates joined by a loose center pin and allow a door to be easily removed after the hinges are installed. Types of loose joint hinges include block hinges, continuous slip hinges, flag hinges and weld-on bullet hinges. Sizes vary depending on style and material options include steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Lift Off Hinges

Lift off hinges are another form of hinges that allow a door or lid to be easily removed and replaced after installation. They are ideal for programmable doors and other applications where a door needs to be regularly removed for repairs or maintenance. Material options include aluminum, steel, stainless steel and cast zinc. Standard leaf width is 11/16” to 4” with heights up to 4”.

Spring Loaded Butt Hinges

Spring loaded butt hinges are self-adjusting hinges that are ideal for swinging and self-closing doors. They feature two metal plates joined by a double action spring and are available in a range of sizes and metals. Butt hinges are available in steel for interior applications and corrosion resistant aluminum, stainless steel or brass for outdoor applications. Standard material is stainless steel with sizes from 1.10” to 8.75”.

Spring Loaded Continuous Hinges

Spring loaded continuous hinges, also known as piano hinges, feature two long and narrow metal plates joined by a center pin. They have a spring-loaded design and can be configured with different tensions to hold a door open or closed. Spring loaded continuous hinges are designed for use with right hand swing-in or left hand swing-out partition doors. We offer spring loaded hinges in materials including aluminum, steel and stainless steel with a standard 1.3” opening and 8.75” length.

Low-Cost Latches for Door and Cabinet Applications

In addition to supplying hinges, we provide a range of low-cost latches such as single bolt, double bolt and cane bolt latches. They are available in a variety of materials, gauges, pin diameters and lengths for use on shutters, doors, gates and more. Latches provided by our manufacturers can be produced with specialty treatments and coatings such as powder coating, anodizing and electro polishing. Custom sized latches and configurations available upon request.

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