Brighton Best Nuts

Nuts are installed in conjunction with a bolt to fasten multiple components together. Nut bolt fastening products are used across all industries and applications. We supply a wide selection of metal and nylon nuts from Brighton Best, including hex nuts, lock nuts, flange nuts, wing nuts, and more.

RC Fasteners partners with trusted manufacturers to supply our customers with a variety of imported and domestic nuts and bolts at wholesale prices. Brighton Best International is a leading provider for a wide range of RoHS compliant fasteners in a wide range of materials, sizes, and styles. Click into any of the categories below to request a quick quote. Contact us today with any questions.

Types of Nuts from Brighton Best International

At RC Fasteners & Components, we stock a massive selection of nuts from Brighton Best. If you have a project in mind, contact our knowledgeable fastener experts, and we can match you with the BBI nuts best suited to your individual needs. 

Acorn Nuts

Acorn nuts are low-crown cap nuts usually manufactured in two parts: a hex nut and a die-cast acorn shaped top. These nuts can be used as decorative pieces and/or as a cover for projecting threads. Our acorn nuts are nickel plated and available in a wide range of sizes.

All Metal Locknuts

Locknuts nuts have a self-locking slot on the turret portion designed to grip onto the bolt’s shank to keep the fasteners in place. These nuts are all metal, making them highly resistant to high temperatures and excessive chemical exposure.

Coupling Nuts

Also known as extension nuts, coupling nuts are long internally threaded nuts used to join two male threads together. These nuts are commonly used in conjunction with threaded rods or hanger bolts.

Hex Nuts

Hex nuts are the standard for most general use applications. These versatile nuts are six-sided with a threaded hole through the center and are used to connect both metal and wood components. Hex nuts can be used with bolts, screws, and other externally threaded fasteners.

Heavy Hex Nuts

Heavy hex nuts are thicker and heavier than standard hex nuts to be used in heavy duty applications. These nuts are used with high strength, larger diameter bolts.

Finished Hex Nuts

Our selection of finished hex nuts are available in a wide range of materials and coatings. Options include hot dip galvanized, zinc, carbon, plain, and more.

Hex Jam Nuts

Hex jam nuts are used along with heavy or finished hex nuts to prevent the fasteners from loosening due to vibration. These nuts can also be used in applications that lack sufficient space for a standard nut.

Machine Screw Nuts

Machine screw nuts are designed with flat tops and chamfered corners. These nuts are thinner than regular hex nuts and are designed for use with smaller diameter machine screws.

Flange Nuts

Flange nuts have a wide, washer-like flange on one end that helps distribute the load over a greater surface area to ensure the fastener remains secure. Our selection of Brighton Best flange nuts includes only metric sizes.

Nylon Insert Locknuts

Also referred to as nyloc nuts, nylon insert lock nuts are self-locking with a nylon insert located in the tapered section on the back of the nut. When installed, the nylon insert locks onto the threads to keep the nut in place.

Square Nuts

Square nuts are four sided nuts designed to offer a greater surface area compared to standard hex nuts. These nuts are typically installed with square head bolts to provide increased resistance to loosening.

Stainless Hex Nuts

Stainless steel hex nuts provide enhanced strength and corrosion resistance compared to hex nuts made from other materials. Stainless steel hex nuts are ideal for applications exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Structural Nuts

Similar to heavy hex nuts, structural nuts are thicker and wider than standard hex nuts. Structural nuts are designed to provide higher strength than the bolts they are installed with.

Tee Nuts

Tee nuts are internally threaded barrel-shaped fasteners with a flat base. These nuts have prongs extending perpendicular from the base, making them ideal for use with harder materials to prevent the mating surface from splitting.

Wing Nuts

Wing nuts have wings protruding from the sides, allowing them to be easily installed by hand. We offer type A wing nuts (made from stamped sheet metal with a large bearing surface) and type D wing nuts (forged with a smaller bearing surface).

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RC Fasteners is a proud distributor for Brighton Best International. Our team of experts will work with you to find high quality fasteners you need. If you cannot find a product to work with your requirements, we can custom make one for you. We offer price matching and free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Request a quote on our selection of custom or wholesale Brighton Best nuts today. Contact us with any questions.