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Nylon Spacers & Standoffs

Nylon standoffs and spacers are plastic fastening products commonly used to connect circuit boards and panels, providing exact positioning and elevation for stacked assemblies. With non-conductive properties and excellent chemical resistance, nylon spacers and standoffs offer a lightweight, fire-resistant alternative to metal standoffs and spacers.

Industrial Applications for Nylon Spacers & Standoffs

Nylon standoffs and spacers are lightweight, non-conductive, and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for industrial and commercial applications where metal alternatives may not be suitable. Threaded nylon standoffs and unthreaded nylon spacers are often used for electronics and computer equipment to create space and separation between components, preventing unwanted contact. Components they are often used in include: 
  • Circuit Boards
  • Doors
  • Panels
  • Gears
  • And More

Wholesale Plastic Nylon Standoffs & Spacers at RC Fasteners 

At RC Fasteners, we distribute premium nylon standoffs and spacers. We stock metric and standard styles, with custom options available. We also stock additional nylon components, including nylon screws, nylon bushings, nylon washers, nylon nuts, and more. With bulk ordering options at wholesale prices, RC Fasteners is your source for PCB spacers, standoffs, and other nylon fastening products.

Styles & Sizing Options for PCB Spacers & Standoff

Our ready-to-ship inventory of nylon circuit board standoffs and spacers includes: 

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  • Standard & Metric Nylon Standoffs
  • Standard & Metric Nylon Spacers
  • Threaded & Unthreaded Nylon Spacers
  • Nylon LED Spacers

Custom Nylon Standoffs & Spacers for Specialized Applications

For applications that require compliance with industry standards or other specializations, we offer custom nylon standoffs and spacers. We can supply you with SAE, aerospace, or MIL-SPEC-compliant nylon standoffs, with customization options from diameter and length to head and drive types.

Value-Added Services

As an industrial fastener supplier, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. We offer value-added services to meet all your fastener needs. Services we offer include:
  • Bin Stocking
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Kitting & Assembly Services
  • Re-Work Services
  • Stock & Release
  • Valued Engineering

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Not sure which custom nylon standoffs or spacers you need for your application? Contact us, and our team will gladly help you find the best nylon fastening products for your requirements. Request a quote for pricing information on our high-quality nylon standoffs and nylon spacers today. Nylon spacers and standoffs are not currently online for purchase, please inquire within.
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