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Nylon Standoffs and Spacers

Space and secure PCBs with high-quality nylon standoffs and nylon spacers. Nylon standoffs and spacers are commonly used to connect circuit panels and boards, providing exact positioning for stacked assembly elevation.
With its nonconductive properties and chemical resistance, threaded nylon standoffs and unthreaded nylon spacers offer you a lightweight, fire-resistant alternative to metal standoffs and spacers.
Contact us for more information about our nylon spacer and standoff inventory. We stock metric and standard styles, with custom options available.

Wholesale Plastic Nylon Standoffs and Nylon Spacer Styles

Our inventory of wholesale nylon standoffs and nylon spacers includes:
  • Metric nylon standoffs
    • Metric female nylon standoffs
    • Metric male/female nylon standoffs
  • Standard nylon standoffs
    • Threaded nylon standoffs
    • Female/female nylon standoffs
    • Male/female nylon standoffs
  • Nylon spacers
    • Unthreaded nylon spacers
    • LED spacers
  • Metric nylon spacers

Custom Nylon Standoffs and Spacers in Bulk

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For applications that require compliance with industry standards or other specialization, we offer custom nylon standoffs and spacers. We can supply you with SAE, aerospace, or MIL-SPEC compliant nylon standoffs, with customization options from diameter and length to head type and drive type.

Nylon Standoff and Nylon Spacer Applications

While often used for electronics and computer equipment, threaded nylon standoffs and unthreaded nylon spacers are also used in applications, including:
  • Circuit boards 
  • Doors
  • Panels
  • Gears

Nylon Hardware Components

We also stock nylon components including nylon screws, nylon bushings, nylon rivets, and more.

Nylon and Plastic Standoff and Spacer Benefits from RC Fasteners & Components

With a team of fastener specialists dedicated to supplying you with high-quality nylon standoffs and spacers, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Benefits of wholesale purchases from us include:
  • Free shipping for orders $100+
  • Price matching for wholesale nylon standoffs and spacers
  • Custom nylon standoff and nylon spacer options

Value-Added Services

We offer value-added services to meet all your fastener needs. Services we offer include the following:
  • Bin stocking
  • Consignment inventory
  • Kitting and assembly services
  • Re-work services
  • Stock and release
  • Valued engineering

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