Richco Bumpers and Feet

Wholesale Rubber Hardware from Richco Plastics 

Rubber is a popular material choice for hardware used in a variety of industries due to its high levels of durability, strength, and flexibility. RC Fasteners is a trusted supplier for a wide range of Richco rubber hardware, including anti-vibration mounts, rubber bumpers, rubber bushings, and more. 

RC Fasteners partners with Richco Plastics to provide our customers with high quality rubber hardware at prices you can afford. In addition to our in-stock products, we also provide a full line of custom solutions designed to your unique specifications. Request a quote today or give us a call at 623-516-1551.

Richco Rubber Mounting Solutions for Reducing Noise & Vibration

Also referred to as rubber hardware feet, anti-vibration rubber mounts are used in engines and other large machinery to reduce mechanical noise and vibration and protect against wear. We supply a variety of styles of Richco rubber mounts in the following categories:

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Richco Anti-Vibration Mounts

Anti-vibration mounts are designed to absorb shock and vibration from various pieces of equipment used in the automotive, defense, and power generation industries, among others. We offer a variety of anti-vibration mounts, including cylindrical rubber mounts, rectangular rubber mounts, and center bolt rubber mounts. Read more about the different styles here.

Richco Rubber Vibration Mounts

Rubber vibration mounts prevent the transfer of vibrations by absorbing shock in three separate directions. These heavy-duty mounts are ideal for applications where movement in stationary machinery is inevitable, such as in engines and generators. Vibration mounts offer high resistance to grease and oil, making them a common choice amongst the automotive and marine industries.  

Standard & Custom Rubber Hardware from Richco Plastics

Rubber hardware has applications for a variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Appliance, Farming, Medical, and more. Apart from our rubber mounts, RC Fasteners also supplies an assortment of Richco rubber hardware components designed to provide excellent wear resistance and sealing properties for different types of machinery and equipment. Our offerings include:
  • Rubber Bumpers: Commonly used in automotive applications, bumpers and feet are used to absorb shock and provide ventilation between two parts. We provide a variety of bumper styles, including button bumpers, stem bumpers, bumpon bumpers, tack bumpers, machine screw bumpers, and more.
  • Rubber Grommets: Have a flared or collared shape to keep oils, fluids, and grease in or out of a component. Rubber grommets reduce vibration while also providing protection for wires and cabling. 
  • Rubber Bushings: Provide an interface between two parts to reduce friction and dampen vibration. Bushings come in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical step bushings for use in vehicles and other sealing applications.
Not finding what you’re looking for? RC Fasteners offers specialty rubber hardware that can be designed to your exact specifications. Contact us today to begin discussing your needs.

Richco Plastics Now Essentra Components

New name, same great quality. Richco Plastics, now known as Essentra Components, is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer for a variety of innovative plastic fastening components and electronic hardware solutions. All of their products are made in the USA and engineered to meet stringent industry standards. View the full list of products we supply from Richco (Essentra Components) here

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RC Fasteners is a proud supplier of high quality rubber hardware from Richco Plastics. Our team of experts will work with you to find the products you’re looking for at prices you can afford. We offer price matching as well as free ground shipping on orders of $100 or more. Request a quote on our selection of custom or wholesale Richco rubber hardware today. Contact us with any questions.