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RC Fasteners carries a wide selection of Richco clamps and braces for binding, joining, securing, and running electrical cable, piping, and more. Our selection of clamps and braces can be used in a variety of industries, including automotive, electrical, industrial, aerospace, and others.

RC Fasteners & Components is your one stop shop for quality clamps and other fastening components at affordable prices. In addition to our in-stock products, we also provide a full line of custom solutions designed to your unique specifications. Request a quote today for any number of Richco’s standard or custom clamps and braces, or give us a call at 623-516-1551.

Richco Clamps for Securing Hoses, Pipes, & Cabling

We offer an assortment of clamps, ranging from steel and stainless-steel hose clamps to cable clamps made from nylon and metal. See the list below for the various styles of Richco clamps with supply along with their common applications. Read more about the different types of clamps here.
  • Screw or band clamps (automotive/plumbing hoses & pipes)
  • Spring clamps (tight or narrow spaces)
  • Cable clamps (clamping or bundling wires)
  • Ground clamps (Welding and installing antennas, water pipes, and more)
  • Wire harness clamps (routing/organizing wiring and small cables)
  • Handheld clamps (welding, construction, and woodworking)
  • Single loop or multi loop cushioned clamps (durable & heat resistant for Aerospace applications)
Before purchasing a clamp/brace, we recommend measuring the diameter of your hose to determine the size of clamp you will need. If you are unsure which style or size of clamp will work best with your application requirements, reach out to a member of our sales staff, and we will assist you.

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Custom Clamps for Unique or Demanding Applications

Can’t find what you need? RC Fasteners partners with Richco to deliver custom clamps or braces designed to meet your exact specifications. Send us a manufacturer part number, print, or just give us the size, and our experts will find you the best price and delivery available. Contact us today to begin discussing your custom requirements.

Cost Effective Equivalents to Richco Plastic Fasteners

RC Fasteners & Components also carries a wide range of cost-effective quality equivalents made in the USA that are designed and engineered to save you money. To see a list of those equivalents; Click here to view.
Also, check out our Nylon Electronic Hardware for more information on standoffs, plastic fasteners, and circuit board hardware.

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RC Fasteners is a proud supplier for Richco Plastics and other leading manufactures. Not only do we maintain an extensive inventory of high-quality products, but we also have a team of experts who will work with you to find exactly what you’re looking for at prices you can afford. Request a quote on our selection of Richco clamps & braces today. Contact us with any questions.

RC Fasteners & Components is an ISO9001 Certified provider of custom and in-stock nylon electronic hardware for a variety of applications. Our custom options are made-to-print to your exact specifications. Products can be shipped for immediate delivery. Contact one of our specialists for more information or request a quote today.