Female to Female Standoffs

Standoffs are separators of defined length, used to join two components and hold them at a given distance from each other. Female to female standoffs are comprised of a hexagonal or round (cylindrical) shaft, with an internally-threaded opening at each end; fasteners are attached via these openings to hold the assembly in place. In electronics applications, female to female standoffs are most often used to elevate a PCB above another component or surface.

Wholesale Female to Female Hex & Round Standoffs

RC Fasteners & Components is your source for superior quality female to female standoffs at competitive prices. We offer both female-female hexagonal and round standoffs. Female-female Hex standoffs are the more popular option and can be installed with a nut setter or other wrenching device; round female standoffs are preferred for applications where wrenching is not required.

Our female to female standoff inventory includes a variety of sizes/lengths (including metric sizes),  materials (see below), and platings to meet your needs. We have the standoffs you need at competitive prices that will keep you coming back!
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Female Threaded Round and Hex Standoff Material Options: 

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  • Aluminum is popular for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It is non-magnetic, performs well in severe temperatures, and offers electrical insulating properties.
  • Brass is used in making high quality standoffs. It’s conductive, resists corrosion, and is non-magnetic. It is costlier and heavier than aluminum and is usually plated with zinc or nickel for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Nylon is a good insulator and has a surface smoothness which will not fray the insulation of wires that rub against it, making it an ideal material for standoffs.
  • Stainless steel offers many of the same advantages of brass, but with even greater resistance to corrosion and chemical fumes.
  • Steel is used for standoffs that require greater strength. However, it is heavier than aluminum and does not resist corrosion like aluminum, brass, or stainless do.

Female-Female Threaded Hex Standoffs:

Female-Female Threaded Round Standoffs:

Custom Female to Female Standoffs:

Not seeing the exact female female standoff you’re looking for? We are a CNC machined parts supplier with the capability to provide custom print female-female standoffs.

To get started on the custom CNC turned round or hex female female stand offs, send us a print or manufacture’s part number you need.

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