Structural Bolts

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Structural Bolts or "TC" Tension Control Bolts follow ASTM A325 and ASTM A490 specifications. They are a three piece fastening system consisting of: 1) a round-head bolt with a truncated, flat surface area at the top, and a 24-sided tip which protrudes from the opposite end. The tip is calibrated to shear off when the proper tension is achieved; 2) a 2H heavy hex nut, and 3) a structural washer.

Structural bolts are commonly used in structural steel joints in heavy construction. "TC" Structural bolts have several advantages over traditional structural bolts including: A) no operator or tool can torque the fastener, B) the fastener can be visually inspected-when the tip is gone, the tension is correct; C) installation is faster, easier, and can be done by one person. Structural Bolts stocked at RC Fasteners & Components include:

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