E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts

RC Fasteners & Components is an ISO certified, master distributor for a range of threaded inserts from E-Z LOK. Threaded inserts are used to repair or reinforce stripped threads in metal, wood, or plastic materials. E-Z LOK threaded inserts are strong, easy-to-install and completely self-locking, offering optimal holding power in any application. They are installed with standard tools, no special drills or taps required.

RC Fasteners & Components is your one-stop-shop superstore for all your fastener needs. We offer wholesale, factory direct pricing on all in-stock threaded inserts and can fast drop ship to anywhere in the world. Our team is experts is available to help you find the standard or metric threaded inserts you require. Request a quote today or contact us for more information.

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts for Metal, Wood, & Plastic

E-Z LOK’s line of threaded inserts allow users to easily repair worn-out threads in metalworking, woodworking, automotive, and plastic manufacturing applications. External threads are standard size and pitch, allowing them to be installed using standard tools. E-Z LOK inserts are available in a variety of styles and in both inch and metric sizes.

E-Z LOK Solid Wall & Coil Inserts for Metal

Solid wall inserts are constructed from steel and have standard OD threads. These inserts offer a quick and easy solution for repairing unified and metric threads in metalworking applications or for reinforcing holes in soft metals. RC Fasteners supplies both solid wall inserts and coil inserts in unified sizes ranging from #2 to 1-½ and in metric sizes ranging from M2 to M39.
  • Solid wall threaded inserts: standard size inserts used for repairing or reinforcing holes in aluminum, magnesium and cast iron. Installed with standard taps.
  • Coil inserts: helical style inserts rated up to 800°F, designed to repair or reinforce extremely small, tapped holes. Installed with STI taps or other standard installation tools.

E-Z LOK Hard & Soft Wood Threaded Inserts for Woodworking

E-Z LOK wood inserts are ideal for reinforcing stripped joints or creating a firm bond in a variety of wood assemblies. These inserts are available in metric sizes and in inch sizes in coarse or fine thread. The style you need will depend on the hardness of the wood. Options include:
  • Knife™ Inserts: ideal for hard woods like oak, cherry and maple. Constructed from brass or stainless steel.
  • Hex™ Inserts: ideal for softer woods, plywood, MDF, and composition board. Installed with a hex key or a drive tool.
  • FinInserts (Finserts): slotted design diminishes splitting and/or splintering in soft wood or plastic. Press-in installation.

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts for Thermoplastics & Thermoset Plastics

These inserts reduce cost and waste by eliminating the need for thread cutting or finishing in post molding applications. E-Z LOK’s press-in inserts can also be used to add machine threads to parts created through 3D printing or additive manufacturing. Available in inch and metric sizes and in a variety of styles, including:
  • E-Z Sonic™ Ultrasonic Inserts: used for thermoplastics and available in tapered and straight designs.
  • E-Z Press™ Inserts: ideal for thermoplastics and thermoset plastics. Installed by pressing into cored or drilled holes.
  • E-Z Fin™ (Finserts): reduces the risk of splitting. Installed simply by pressing into material.

Arizona Based E-Z LOK Distributor

Located in Phoenix, AZ, RC Fasteners & Components is an ISO certified, master distributor for E-Z LOK threaded inserts. Whether working with metal, wood, or plastic, RC Fasteners is sure to have the threaded inserts you need at prices you can afford. We offer wholesale pricing to our customers throughout Arizona and the rest of the world, and can drop ship products internationally.

Apart from our selection of E-Z LOK threaded fasteners, we also offer a wide range of standard and custom ultrasonic and molded metal inserts, including blind thread, bullet-nose, and locking styles. Contact us for more information.

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