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Wholesale Nylon Nut Fasteners

As a fastener, nylon offers excellent wear resistance and is significantly lighter than metal. Nylon nuts are ideal for electronic and industrial applications due to their high tensile strength, low thermal conductivity, and ability to resist damage from harmful chemicals.

When it comes to assembling electronic components or industrial machines, look no further than our wide selection of high-quality wholesale nylon nut and plastic nut options. RC Fasteners offers nylon nuts in a variety of shapes and sizes. Custom options are available upon request.

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Custom Nylon Nut Advantages

As an experienced fastener supplier, RC Fasteners & Components can supply you with quality bulk nylon nuts sure to fit your project needs. Advantages of buying from us include:
  • Price matching for bulk nylon nuts
  • Custom nylon nut capabilities
  • Wide variety of assorted styles and features

Bulk Nylon Nut Options

Nylon Thumb Nuts

Thumb nuts can be tightened between your thumb and forefinger, without any tools. They have a knurled surface and an over-sized head, which makes them ideal for applications that require frequent adjustments. 

Nylon Cap Nuts

Cap nuts have a closed dome top, which is designed to protect exposed bolt ends. Often selected for their aesthetic value, cap nuts will also act as a shield for potentially dangerous threads.  

Nylon Expansion Nuts

Also referred to as well nuts, expansion nuts consist of a flanged bushing on one end and a non-flanged nut on the other. Once tightened, expansion nuts will seal the bolt hole and remain secure.

Nylon Flange Nuts

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Flange nuts have a base shaped like a washer to prevent damage to the part and ensure pressure is equally distributed over the surface to which it is secured. These nuts are not easily loosened, making them ideal for applications where loosening forces are present, such as vibration.  

Nylon Hex Nuts

From regular nylon hex nuts to hex nuts with a locking thread, we supply a variety a nylon hex nuts that are lightweight, non-conductive, and resistant to vibration and corrosion.

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

Also known as a stiff nut, lock nuts are designed to remain securely fastened even when exposed to intense vibrations. Our nylon lock nuts feature a nylon insert that expands to grip tightly onto a bolt.

Nylon Wing Nuts

Wing nuts have a set of “wings” to make it easy to tighten or loosen by hand without any tools. These fasteners are designed for low-torque situations and are commonly seen in non-permanent assemblies that require frequent adjustments. 

Custom Nylon & Plastic Nuts

In addition to our wholesale nylon nuts, we also offer custom and specialty nylon nuts that meet your unique specification requirements. Browse just some of our nylon nut options above or contact one of our experienced fastener experts to learn more.

Trusted Supplier of Nylon Hardware Components

RC Fasteners works with experienced manufacturers, including Heyco, Panduit and Richco Plastics, to ensure we’re providing our customers with the highest quality nylon fastening solutions. We also carry high quality direct equivalent plastic and nylon components normally at a much lower price. Apart from our selection of nuts, we stock and supply a wide range of nylon products including nylon washers, nylon bushings, nylon screws, nylon spacers & standoffs, nylon rivets, and more.

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RC Fasteners is your trusted source for wholesale and custom nylon plastic nuts. We are committed to finding you the best quality nylon nuts at competitive prices. For more information on our wholesale and custom nylon nut options, reach out to our sales staff or request a quote.
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