Custom & Wholesale Nylon Bushings

Also referred to as shoulder washers, nylon bushings are round, hollow fasteners used to protect electronic wires from uneven or sharp edges. These fasteners are made from heat-stabilized nylon and are frequently used in rotary shaft and cabling applications. Nylon bushings reduce friction and vibration in rotating parts and provide insulation for wires and cabling.

RC Fasteners & Components is your one-stop superstore for custom and off-the-shelf nylon bushings & sleeve bearings, available in an assortment of sizes & styles. Our in-stock bushings include nylon shoulder washers, nylon spacers, Heyco Bushings and more. For more information regarding our product selection, speak to one of our sales experts.

Benefits of Nylon for Bushings & Sleeve Bearings

Nylon bushings and sleeve bearings are a convenient alternative to metal options because they eliminate the need for external lubrication. Other benefits of nylon bushings include:
  • Lightweight
  • Wear resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced operating noise
  • Excellent insulating properties

Nylon Bushings by Size:

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Our selection of nylon bushings features a variety of styles, including universal bushings, shorty bushings, snap & snap-in liquid tight bushings, open/closed bushings, strain relief bushings, and more. Each is available in a wide range of thicknesses and diameters:
  • Nylon bushings outside diameter 0.245 in minimum to 0.567 in maximum
  • Nylon bushings inside diameter 0.088 in minimum to 0.265 in maximum
  • Nylon bushings shoulder thickness 0.035 in minimum to 0.065 in maximum
  • Nylon bushings small section thickness 0.035 in minimum to 0.065 in maximum
  • Nylon bushings small section width 0.151 in minimum to 0.380 in maximum

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RC Fasteners & Components is an ISO9001 Certified provider of custom and in-stock nylon electronic hardware for a variety of applications. Our custom options are made-to-print to your exact specifications. Products can be shipped for immediate delivery. Contact one of our specialists for more information or request a quote today.
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