Screws are versatile fasteners featuring a raised helical thread and a sharp or flat point to fasten pieces of metal, wood, and plastic. Screw fasteners can have a straight or tapered shaft and tighten using a screwdriver, wrench, or hex wrench, depending on the screw head style.
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Most screws have the same basic design featuring a head and threaded shaft, but each style has a different use. There are drywall screws, deck screws, masonry & concrete screws, and machine screws, each with various features to provide the torque and hold strength required for the intended application.

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Selection criteria for finding the right screw fastener include:

  • Head style and driver style
  • Material and coating requirements
  • Size and length
  • Thread style

Additional considerations include the need for self-drilling or self-tapping screws, and whether you need a permanent or temporary hold. View our Fastener Specs for additional dimensional and technical data for our screw fasteners and other products. Our CR+3 designates products which are RoHS Compliant in accordance with European Union's RoHS & WEE Directive for hazardous materials. 

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RC Fasteners & Components stocks an extensive inventory of bulk screws in inch and metric sizes with several material options. We stock a major selection of all types of standard, off-the-shelf screws, from taptite® and plastite® brand generic alternatives, as well as thread forming, thread cutting, and self-tapping screws.
Our selection of wholesale screw fasteners includes everything from standard drywall screws for home construction projects to heavy-duty machine screws for machining and assembly applications. For custom-to-print screws, send us a quick quote or contact an RC Certified Fastener Specialist today.
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Hex Cap Screws

Hex cap screws are general purpose screws with a hex-shaped head and washer face on the bearing surface.  Typical applications include fastening machinery and equipment. Select from Grade 2, 5, 8.8, 8, or 10.9 screws in inch or metric sizes. Available hex cap screw materials include plain alloy, zinc coated, medium carbon, and stainless steel.   

Socket Cap Screws

Socket cap screws have a recessed socket drive to withstand more torque and a head that sits above or flush with the material surface. Options include button socket, flat slotted, flat socket, low head, socket head, and socket shoulder styles in low carbon, stainless steel, black oxide, and plain alloy material. Inch or metric sizes available.

Socket Set Screws

Socket set screws are used to secure two objects and have a headless design with a recessed socket for tightening. Select from a variety of inch and metric sizes and styles including brass tip, cone point, dog point, flat point, nylon tip, knurled cup, and more.

Square Head Set Screws

Square head set screws have a square head for tightening by hand or with a wrench and are best suited for light-duty applications. We offer square head set screws in various sizes and lengths with an option of stainless steel, black oxide, and hardened black oxide material. 

Construction Screws

Construction screws are designed for interior and exterior framing and assembly applications and include concrete screws, self-piercing screws, and deck screws. We offer construction screws in low carbon material and a variety of standard sizes and head styles.

Drive Screws

Drive screws are round head metallic drive screws featuring multiple start threads and a large helix angle, along with a pivot. These screws install using pressure for permanent fastening in metal or plastic. We offer round head U-drive screws with RoHS compliant zinc coating in a range of sizes.

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws have a sharp point and concave underhead bearing surface for joining drywall to wood. We offer standard and self-drilling drywall screws in a range of sizes with an option of plain or zinc coated low carbon material. 

Hex Flange Screws

Hex flange screws have an unslotted hex head and a flange with serrations either under the head or on the bearing surface side for applications where vibration and other loosening forces are present. Select from a variety of sizes featuring Grade 5, Zinc CR+3 material.

Machine Screws

Machine screws have a uniform thread and flat end for installation in a pre-tapped hole. These screws provide superior fastening strength and come different head shapes and styles, including Philips, slotted, or hex. All our machine screws are Zinc CR+3 coated.
We also offer stainless machine screws for applications requiring higher corrosion and temperature resistance.  

Self-Drilling Screws

Self-drilling screws are tapping screws with spaced threads and a drill point on the end, eliminating the need for drill bits and taps. We offer low carbon phosphate drywall screws and low carbon Zinc CR+3 screws in various sizes and lengths.

Self-Tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws have a sharp point and widely spaces thread for joining pieces of metal or resin-filled plywood. Select from Type A, Type B, or Type AB self-tapping screws made from low carbon material and in hundreds of sizes.
We also offer stainless steel self-tapping screws for improved temperature and corrosion resistance.

Thread Cutting Screws

Thread cutting screws have a blunt point and either machine screw or spaced threads for fastening sheet metal and plastic. Options include thread cutting screws and floorboard thread cutting screws in low carbon material with a phosphate or zinc coating. 

Thread Forming Screws

Thread forming screws have a unique tri-lobular shape that forms a mating thread in an unthreaded pilot hole to create a strong joint or assembly. Select from several sizes and lengths in low carbon, zinc-coated material.

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