Dowel Pins

Dowel Pins are solid, headless, straight pins with a closely controlled diameter. One end is chamfered with the other end radiused to form a crown. Dowel pins have a variety of uses, including as a plug gauge, hinge or shaft. Precise tolerances of dowel pins make them excellent for achieving proper alignment of parts in high-speed assemblies, or as roller bearings in bus/truck wheel housings. Important Note: Dowel Pins should be installed by being pressed in, not struck with an impact force. 

Out Online Selection of Wholesale Dowel Pins Include: 

  • Through Hardened Alloy Dowel Pins, Standard and Oversize 

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  • Stainless Dowel Pins, 18-8, 316, & 416
  • Pullout Dowel Pins, Through Hardened, Alloy
  • Metric DIN 7 Dowel Pins, A2 & A4 Stainless
  • Metric DIN 6325 Hardened Alloy Dowel Pins
  • Metric DIN7979 Pullout Dowel Pins, Alloy