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RC Fasteners & Components offers self-clinching hardware, studs, standoffs, nuts, and various other top quality pem fasteners for sheet metal installation and PC board manufacturing. Self-clinching fasteners are a cost effective way for installing threads into all types of metal and PC boards.

Authorized Distributor of Self-Clinching Fasteners from Captive Fasteners

RC Fasteners is an authorized distributor for all types of fasteners from Captive Fasteners, whose products have been approved by IBM, Zerox, Dell, and Gateway, to name a few. We can supply the standard and custom fasteners you need at competitive prices. Request a quote today to take advantage of on-time shipping and exceptional service.


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Benefits of Self-Clinching Fasteners for Sheet Metal Applications

Self-clinching fasteners are harder than the material in which they are designed to be installed, allowing them to maintain their physical properties when tightened. When installed, the mating material flows around the clinch to provide a secure hold. Where other fasteners may deform around the mating material, self-clinching nuts and studs from Captive Fasteners provide a level of torque resistance that meets or exceeds all industry standards.

These fasteners are easy-to-install and offer a clean, aesthetic advantage over other types of sheet metal fasteners. In electronic PCB applications, they eliminate the risk of loosened or damaged hardware. Self-clinching fasteners offer superior strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for all types of sheet metal applications.

Create Permanent, Reusable Threads With Sheet Metal Fasteners

Self-clinching fasteners are designed to eliminate the risk of loose hardware in your assemblies by creating permanent, reusable threads in the material in which they’re installed. Sheet metal fasteners come in all shapes and sizes (scroll down for specific styles), but are generally separated into three main categories:

  • Self-Clinching Nuts: partially threaded fasteners designed to tap into a prescribed hole to form a permanent, secure thread
  • Self-Clinching Studs: fully threaded fasteners designed to be manually squeezed into a pre-drilled hole and mated with the nut
  • Self-Clinching Standoffs: create a secure hold in applications where panels must be mounted, spaced, or stacked

Types of Self-Clinching Hardware for Sheet Metal Fabrication

We offer high quality fasteners for all types of sheet metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, brass, bronze, and copper. Browse nuts, studs, standoffs, and pins in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Our selection of self-clinching hardware includes, but is not limited to:
  • Floating nuts
  • KAL nuts
  • Flush nuts
  • Self-locking fasteners
  • Top collar lock nuts
  • Flush head studs
  • High torque studs
  • Wide head studs
  • Thin sheet studs
  • Concealed head studs
  • Self-clinching pins
  • Tapered guide pins
  • Self-clinching standoffs
  • Grounding standoffs
  • Mini standoffs
  • Slide top standoffs
  • Concealed head standoffs
  • Spring loaded plungers
We also offer a range of other sheet metal fasteners, including blind press nuts, close-to-edge studs, reel mounted spacers and nuts, thin head and spring top standoffs, weld nuts, and a range of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum fasteners. Contact us today to determine the right type of sheet metal fasteners for your application.

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Click into any of the categories above or browse through our catalog to find the wholesale metal fabrication fasteners you require. For custom fasteners manufactured to your unique specifications, contact us or send us your prints. Request a quote today on the pem fasteners and self-clinching hardware you need. Call us at (623) 516-1551 to speak to an expert.

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