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Abrasives include natural and synthetic or artificial materials that smooth a surface by using friction to slowly scratch away rust, coatings or surface roughness. These materials can be hard enough to cut into metal or soft enough to lightly smooth a piece of wood. Abrasives can be used in block or powder form, with the powder typically being bonded to a soft and flexible substrate.
Common applications for abrasives include:

  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Polishing
  • Cutting
  • Deburring
  • Buffing
  • And more
 We are your authorized distributor of abrasives and cutting fluids from Alfa Tools and the following professional brands: Alfa USA, Eco Pro, Blitz Bits, ProBits, Cuts-All, ScrewTech, Megacut, Bormax, Opticraft, RouterMax, and Monolock. 

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What Are the Different Types of Abrasives Available?

To provide the friction required for finishing, abrasives are mixed with a bonding agent or adhered to grinding blocks, wheels, sheets, discs, belts or rods. 
Natural forms of abrasives include:
  • Diamond: Provides the highest level of hardness and is commonly used to manufacture drill bits
  • Garnet: Made primarily of silica and is used to make sandpaper used for polishing and smoothing
  • Quartz: A brittle silica-based material used to make sandpaper
  • Sandstone: Used to make grindstones and sharpening stones
  • Emery: Contains a mixture of black magnetite and corundum and features a high level of scratch hardness
  • Flint: A hard form of quartz that is used to create grinding stones
  • Pumice: Derived from porous blocks and used for polishing and cleaning applications
A few examples of synthetic abrasives include:
  • Silicon Carbide: A carbon and silicon compound that provides extreme hardness and strength and is used to make discs for honing, cutting and grinding
  • Aluminum Oxide: Provides high density and angular sharpness. It is used to make sandpaper for hand sanding and power sanding of metal, plastic, wood and drywall.
  • Zirconia Alumina: A mixture of zirconium dioxide and aluminum oxide that is formed into pads and discs for sanding metal, wood, fiberglass and painted surfaces.
The type of grains used for abrasives determines the grade of roughness and the type of finish it will create. Standard abrasive grit sizes are 8-24 for the highest level of coarseness and 220-1200 for the finest abrasives. Coarser grades of abrasives are used for scratch removal, coarse polishing or grinding where finer grades are typically used for smoothing or finishing.

What is the Difference Between Bonded Abrasives and Coated Abrasives?

Abrasives typically come in the form of bonded abrasives or coated abrasives, though there are also wire wheels and brushes that are used to a variety of finishing applications.
Bonded abrasives created by mixing abrasive grains with fillers and a bonding agent such as epoxy, shellac, rubber, or resin. The mixture is then pressed into a wheel, cylinder, block or other shape for use with vertical grinders and other tools or machinery for heavy duty and high precision finishing.  In some instances, an abrasive will be bonded with metal to create cutting wheels, grinders and hole cutting tools. Bonded abrasives are best suited for use with harder materials including iron and ferrous or non-ferrous alloys. They are also highly effective for grinding and cutting brick, concrete and stone.
Coated abrasives are also used for a range of finishing applications. These abrasives are created by placing one or more layers of abrasive coating on a sheet, belt or is made from a flexible substrate such as paper, plastic, cloth or vulcanized rubber. Coated abrasives can be used by hand or with sanders, die grinders and other handheld tools. One of the most common types of coated abrasives in sandpaper.

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Premium bits, cutters, saws and tools from Relton 

Relton Relton Corporation began as the Concrete-Termite Drill Company in 1946. The company's first product was the multiple-carbide, core style, rotary masonry drill bit invented by our founder. This basic design quickly became the standard of the industry. Relton has since become the broadest-line supplier of hammer and rotary bits and hole saws- and we still sell the original product! In the late 1950's, Relton added two metal-cutting fluids, Rapid Tap® for hard metals and A-9® for aluminum. Relton is now one of the top three suppliers in the United States for these types of fluids.

Hammer Bits, Rotary Bits, Rebar Cutters, Forged Hammer Tools, Hole Saws and various other abrasives are also available through RC Fasteners & Components as we are your authorized distributor for quality Relton products from the Relton Corporation.   

Proferred® Hand Tools, Drilling and Cutting Tools by BBI   /   ​"The Quality You Know"


Brighton Best International (BBI), carries a premium quality brand of hand tools known as the Proferred® brand. The Proferred® brands' superior quality and Lifetime warranty, along with competative pricing, makes BBI one of the leaders of quality hand tools in the industry. Go through the flip catalogs and contact an RC Certified Fastener Specialist today for price and delivery on the Proferred® brand from BBI. Preferred by professionals.

 ITM Drilling and Cutting Tools from BBI 


Here you will find tested and proven drilling and cutting products made by experts in the design, innovation, and manufacturing of power tool accessories. To be sure you are satisfied, we continuously test everything we sell against the latest construction materials, machines, and building processes. We invite you to visit our facility, and come test for yourself.
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In 1987, when we incorporated, International Tool Manufacturing stood for quality European made products. Today, almost 30% of our product volume is made in the USA, followed closely by Germany, France, England, Taiwan, and for some item categories, trusted and reputable factories in China. What has not changed is our focus on performance and quality.
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Since 1987, our goal is to be your best singular source for industrial drilling products that satisfy all professional construction requirements. ITM offers many value added services including flexible credit terms, payment options, same-day shipping, technical training & support, private branding, application specific product adaptations, and a fantastic customer service experience.
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