Automotive Fasteners and Hardware

RC Fasteners & Components is your one-stop component and fastener superstore for automotive fasteners and hardware in standard and specialty sizes. We are authorized distributors for elite AS and TS certified automotive hardware manufacturers for both domestic and import vehicles providing PPAP's and full certifications on all custom made-to-print fasteners.

Automotive Bolts, Kits and Fasteners

RC Fasteners & Components is a proud authorized distributor for Disco Automotive Hardware providing off-the-shelf automotive fasteners. Learn more about our automotive hardware by viewing the product descriptions below. For additional product information including available sizes and packaging quantities, please download the automotive catalog or contact your RC Certified Fastener Specialist today. 

Automotive Hardware for Fastening, Mounting and Bundling

  • Automotive Bolts: Our automotive bolts are available in various standard and metric sizes, threads, head styles and materials to accommodate a range of automotive applications.  
  • Cable Ties: Automotive cable ties are constructed of durable nylon and available in various lengths, widths and colors for bunding wires or securing hoses and other components. Stainless steel cable ties are also available.
  • Hole Plugs: Hole plugs re available in black or white and offered in flush type, locking type and depressed center type options. Hole size, head diameter and panel thicknesses vary depending on the style selected.
  • Vacuum Caps & Connectors: Vacuum caps and connectors are offered in several sizes. Caps are available in black rubber material and connectors are available in black nylon or natural nylon.
  • Mounting Hardware: Automotive mounting hardware is available for a range of automotive components including paneling, bumpers and other parts.
  • Nuts: Nuts are available in standard and specialty options including acorn nuts, locknuts, coupling nuts, cutting nuts, U-nuts, hex nuts, tee nuts, and more. Size, material and finish options vary depending on the automotive fastener selected.
  • Pins: Automotive door hinge pin assortments are available in stainless steel or zinc coated steel and offered in a range of sizes.
  • Retaining Rings: Shield, hood and weatherstrip retainers are provided in black, clear, gray and natural nylon and in a range of diameters.
  • Rivets: Options for automotive rivets include pop rivets and blind rivets in stainless steel, aluminum and nylon materials. Available with various flange types, grip ranges, lengths and diameters.
  • Screws: Automotive screws are available in all standard sizes with various head sizes and styles. Several material options are available with either chrome, zinc or black finish.
  • Hose Clamps: Automotive hose clamps are available in diameters from 1/4” to 7” and are available in mini hose clamp and standard hose clamp options.

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Automotive Fasteners for Doors, Windows and Bumpers

  • Bumper Hardware: We offer automotive bumper bolt sets, bumper supports and bumper brackets for domestic and import automotive applications.
  • Automotive Door Fasteners: Our options for automotive door fasteners include panel trim retainers, door body panel retainers, molding retainers and more for installing doors and paneling.
  • Hood Prop Rod Clips: Made from durable black nylon or natural nylon and accommodating 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 5/16” rod sizes.
  • Windshield Fasteners: Options for windshield fasteners includes reveal molding clip, windshield washer hose retainers and spray nozzles, and cowl retainers in a wide range of sizes and made from durable plastic or nylon. 

Automotive Fuses and Fuse Holders

  • Automotive Fuses: Designed to protect electrical wiring and equipment in vehicles, automotive fuses are offered in several options including blade type micro fuses, 3-blade micro fuses, mini ATM low profile blade fuses, standard ATO blade fuses, standard ATX blade fuses, auto link type fuses and J case fuses.
  • Fuse Holders: We offer in-line fuse holders and power distribution fuse blocks for automotive, marine and other applications. Select from a variety of voltages and sizes. Fuse blocks in 10 Amp circuits with leads up to 5” in length. Fuse holders feature 8-, 12- or 14-gauge wire with leads up to 7” in length.

Automotive Headlights and Bulbs

  • Headlights: Select from halogen headlight bulbs and halogen lamps for headlight and fog light installation. Available for all standard voltage and wattage requirements.
  • Miniature Bulbs: Miniature automotive bulbs are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles to meet your automotive requirements.

Automotive Hardware for Cabling and Wiring

  • Wire Terminals: Automotive wire terminals are offered in crimp or crimp and seal styles and in a range of colors, sizes and widths. We also supply self-stripping scotch lock wire terminals and wire terminals with fully insulated tee taps. Choose from vinyl or nylon. UL approved options also available.
  • Wire Harness: Wire harness automotive pigtails are available for wiring headlights, air conditioner components, fan switches and other electrical applications.
  • Wire Loom Clips: Wire loom clips have a black finish and are available in options including clips frame wire looms, clips routing wire looms, and clips routing cable or tubing. Available in black, gray or natural nylon depending on the style selected and offered in a range of sizes.

Automotive Fastener Kits

  • Assortment Kits: Request a quote for a custom assortment kit using any of the automotive hardware we offer. 
  • Frame Bolt Kits: Our frame bolt kits include hex flange screws that have a flat bearing surface and are typically used for truck frame applications. Our frame bolt kits are available in metric or SAE standard sizes and in a variety of finishes.

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