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RC Fasteners & Components is a proud partner of the world leader in pre-applied fastener solutions, Nylok Fastener Corporation. Nylok has been around since 1942 with over 150 patents, more than any other company in their field. We have a great variety of stock on nylon patched fasteners in standard and metric sizes.

Self-locking fasteners are the ideal solution and Nylok offers a wide range of proven products which are designed to keep fasteners in place in even the most extreme operating conditions. From mechanical and chemical locking and sealing products, to assembly retention coatings, lubricants and thread protection and masking products, our engineers can help you find the perfect solution to improving the reliability, durability and overall quality of your products.

Nylok products serve customers around the world in such industries as automotive, aerospace, military, and agricultural equipment. So whether you need a fastener that can stand up to extreme vibration, extreme temperatures or harsh operating environments, there is no substitute for Nylok.

How big of an impact can Nylok Innovation have on the safety and reliability of your products? Give RC Fasteners and Components a call. We’ve been a proud partner of Nylok since our inception and can offer you factory direct pricing on all your pre-applied fastener solutions. See their brochure and contact an RC representative today.

  • Mechanical Locking

  • Chemical Adhesives

  • 3M Fastener Adhesives

  • Thread Protection / Masking

  • Lubricants

  • Under-the head Sealants

  • Thread Sealants

  • Powder Coating

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Nylok® Blue Nylon Torq-Patch® Tuflok®

Prevailing Torque Locking Element

Nylok® Blue Nylon Torq-Patch® Tuflok® is a self-locking element comprised of nylon permanently bonded onto the threads of a fastener. When the Nylok® Blue Nylon Torq-Patch® Tuflok® is engaged, it creates a wedge between the fastener and mating part compressing the nylon and creating metal to metal contact opposite the patch. This metal to metal contact results in a positive resistance to vibration and loosening. Since nylon has great memory characteristics, this locking element can be reused several times.


  • Reusable/adjustable
  • Exceptional vibration resistance
  • Resistant to lubricants, fuel, hydraulic fluids and most commercial solvents
  • Can be applied to any size or thread configuration of a fastener
  • Bonds to a broad range of fastener finishes
  • Complies with or exceeds IFI, DIN and major OEM specifications
  • Provides a seal for threads
  • Parts are ready for assembly
  • Precise thread coverage on every part
  • Can be applied on external and internal threaded fasteners
  • Is not affected by high humidity conditions
  • Environmentally friendly/non-toxic
  • 180° (standard) or 360° (optional) radial coverage
  • Torque can be adjusted to meet specific applications
  • Cost effective
  • No metal removal to reduce fastener strength or performance

Technical Data

  • Color: blue/red (special colors available upon request)
  • Dry Wedge - Immediate locking
  • Temperature Range -56° C (-70° F) to 121° C (250° F)
  • Self-Life indefinite
  • NYLOK® Blue Patch is also referred to as TUFLOK®

Performance Results

  • Prevailing-On Torque (POT) 5.0 - 10.0 Nm
  • First Removal Prevailing-Off Torque (without preload) min 5.0 - 10.0 Nm
  • Fifth Removal Prevailing-Off Torque (POT) min 1.8 - 2.8 Nm

Manufacturing Specs

  • Mack Truck Specs
  • PF6158
  • WA970
  • Military Specs
  • IFI-524
  • JDT905F
  • MIL-DTL-18240F
  • NASM15981
  • PF5144
  • IFI-524
  • Navistar Specs
  • IE-2511


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