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At RC Fasteners & Components, we’re committed to delivering cost-effective and high-quality solutions to our consumers in a variety of industries. Our selection includes bushings, PCB support, spacers, standoffs, wire connectors, and much more. 

RC Fasteners is an ISO9001:2015 certified supplier of high-quality plastic and nylon components. In addition to our in-stock products, we also provide a full line of custom solutions designed to your unique specifications. Contact us today with any questions or give us a call at 623-516-1551.

Richco Nylon Electronic Hardware Benefits for Applications

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Nylon is a lightweight material frequently used in the electronics industry to protect wires and other components from damaging heat or electrostatic discharge. Nylon is high strength, making it ideal for applications that are exposed to excessive levels of friction or vibration. Additional benefits include:
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • High wear resistance
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be installed as is or customized to meet unique requirements

Richco Plastic & Nylon Components for PCB Assemblies

Nylon hardware is essential for assembling electronic components. Richco manufactures a variety of durable fasteners that can be used to mount circuit boards, insulate wires and cables, protect components from shock, and so much more. Our extensive inventory of Richco nylon hardware includes, but is not limited to:Unsure which product will work best with your project requirements? Contact one of our sales experts, and we will assist you.

Cost effective equivalents to Richco Plastic Fasteners

RC Fasteners & Components also carries a wide range of cost-effective quality equivalents made in the USA that are designed and engineered to save you money. To see a list of those equivalents; Click here to view.

Also, check out our Nylon Electronic Hardware for more information on standoffs, plastic fasteners, and circuit board hardware.

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RC Fasteners is a proud supplier for nylon electronic hardware from Richco Plastics and other leading manufactures. Not only do we maintain an extensive inventory of high-quality products, but we also have a team of experts who will work with you to find exactly what you’re looking for at prices you can afford. Request a quote on our selection of nylon hardware today. Contact us with any questions.

RC Fasteners & Components is an ISO9001 Certified provider of custom and in-stock nylon electronic hardware for a variety of applications. Our custom options are made-to-print to your exact specifications. Products can be shipped for immediate delivery. Contact one of our specialists for more information or request a quote today.