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RC Fasteners & Components maintains a massive inventory of domestic and import anchors and mechanical fasteners. Our ready-to-ship stock includes various anchor styles to meet the needs of almost any application and base material, including solid concrete and brick, hollow concrete and brick, stone, drywall, plaster, plywood, and others.

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As a leading industrial fastener supplier, RC Fasteners distributes US Anchors' Ultrawedge brand anchors. These anchors are manufactured to the highest standards for construction and industrial applications and are ICC-certified per publication of ICC-ES Report ESR-3716. Our US Anchor products are available to ship from any of our 34 locations across the US and around the world.

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Concrete Screws, Wedge Anchors, & More Mechanical Fasteners

At RC Fasteners, our selection of anchors includes a wide range of styles for nearly any industrial anchoring application. From heavy-duty mechanical fasteners to plastic anchors, we are your source for reliable anchors at competitive prices.

Concrete Screws

Concrete screws are designed for concrete, brick, or block surfaces. They cut their own threads and can be removed and re-driven into the same hole for light to medium-duty applications.

Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in anchors are two-piece, internally threaded expansion anchors designed for flush-mounted applications in concrete or stone. Drop-in anchors are available in 304 Stainless Steel and steel with Zinc Cr+3 coating.

Expansion Shield

Expansion shield anchors are used with machine screw or machine bolts in masonry applications. As a bolt or screw is tightened, the anchor's body expands, creating a secure hold. Machine screws and bolts can be removed and reused with expansion shield anchors.

E-Z Anchors

E-Z Anchors feature a unique design that makes installation simple in drywall and other wall materials. They provide a strong and secure hold for hanging lightweight items.

Hammer Drive Anchors

Hammer Drive Anchors are comprised of two pieces: a tubular stem with a head and a nail that drives through the hollow center of the stem. When the nail is driven through the stem of the anchor, the anchor expands and creates a secure connection. Hammer Drive Anchors are intended for light-duty applications.

Hollow Wall Anchors

Hollow Wall Anchors are also light-duty anchors designed specifically for drywall, sheetrock, plaster, and paneling. These anchors expand when driven into a hollow wall, creating a firm hold.

L-Shaped Anchors

As their name indicates, L-shaped anchors feature a design that resembles the letter L. They are often used to create secure connections to walls.

Lag Screw Shield

A Lag Screw Shield is an internally threaded anchor designed for use with lag bolts in concrete and the mortar joints of block or brick walls.

Machine Screw Anchors

Machine Screw Anchors feature internal threading and can be easily removed and reinstalled without compromising the integrity of the anchor. Machine Screw Anchors are used for light to medium-duty applications.

Mungo Framing Anchors, Hammer Screws, & Nylon Plugs

Mungo anchors are available in various styles, including framing anchors, hammer screws, and nylon plugs. These anchors are used with wood screws and sheet metal screws for lightweight applications.

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve Anchors are expansion anchors designed for solid or hollow masonry, including cinder block, brick, marble, and concrete applications. These anchors are removable and feature a long sleeve that induces less stress on the substrate than wedge anchors. Sleeve anchors are ideal for applications that require a decorative finished appearance.

Split Fast Anchors

Split Fast Anchors are simple anchors designed for solid concrete use but cannot be used in brick or block. These fasteners are hammered into pre-drilled holes, creating a secure hold.

Toggle Wing

Toggle Wing Anchors are designed for wallboard, drywall, block, and other hollow materials. These mechanical fasteners consist of two parts: a machine bolt and a spring wing toggle. When installed, the spring wing section opens, creating a secure hold for hanging objects on walls.

Wedge Anchors

Wedge Anchors are heavy-duty anchors that provide a very strong hold in solid concrete, making them a top choice for construction applications and other rugged jobs. Wedge anchors are installed into pre-drilled holes and use a nut to secure objects to the anchor shaft.

Wood Screw Lead Anchors

True to their name, Wood Screw Anchors are anchors designed for securing wood components to concrete, brick, or block surfaces. They are internally threaded and intended for use with wood screws.

Steel & Stainless Steel Material Options for Mechanical Fasteners

Many of our anchors are available in steel and stainless steel variations, depending on the application requirements. Our steel anchors are typically available with Zinc Cr+3 coating for moderate resistance to rust and corrosion, while our stainless steel anchors feature exceptional corrosion resistance and strength. We also supply plastic anchors made from nylon and other plastic materials for applications requiring non-metallic anchoring.

Industries that Rely on Anchors and Mechanical Fasteners

A wide range of rugged industrial sectors rely on RC Fasteners for their mechanical fasteners and anchoring supplies. Industries we supply anchors for include:

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