Machine Screws Stainless

Stainless Steel Machine Screws are a straight shank fastener with external threads designed to go through a hole or nut that is pre-tapped to form a mating thread for the screw.

Stainless steel is superior to steel in withstanding some elevation in application operating temperature while maintaining its strength.

18-8 Stainless Machine Screws

Made from one of the following austenitic alloys: 303, 303Se, 304, or XM7, all of which are characterized as having chromium content of 17-19% and nickel content of 8-10%. 18-8 stainless is used in products that require general atmospheric corrosion resistance. 

316 Stainless Machine Screws

316 or A4 stainless screws are made from austenitic alloy which differs from 18-8 by its molybdenum content (2-3%) and higher nicket content (10-14%). This molybdenum content gives 316 stainless even greater corrosion resistance that 18-8, as well as superior strength at high temperatures. 

We are your wholesale source for phillips pan, flat, truss and oval head machine screws in stainless steel.