Wholesale Socket Set Screws

Different from socket cap screws, socket set screws do not have a head and are typically secured and loosened using a square or hex key, or with a screwdriver if slotted. Also known as grub screws, these fasteners are designed to firmly secure two objects together with minimal interference. Socket set screws are used in nearly every industry and are best suited to lighter load applications.

RC Fasteners & Components offers a wide range of set screws, including cup point set screws, flat point screws, cone point screws, and more. Click into any of the categories below to browse inch and metric sizes as well as all available materials and coatings, including black oxide, zinc bake CR+3, stainless steel, brass, and nylon.

We stock most all standard set screws, with customs made-to-print in approximately 4-6 weeks. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your fastener needs.

Socket Set Screws for a Flush or Countersunk Finish 

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Socket set screws prove most useful in cases where a standard nut and bolt would interfere with the optimal functioning of an assembly, or else would not achieve the flush aesthetic the external-facing components require. They are most often used in systems where two or more surfaces press together, and where there isn’t room for a protruding head in between.

Drive Types for Socket Screws

The drive type you choose will affect how the screw is installed into a mating surface, as well as the kinds of applications it is best suited for. Socket set screw drive types in our online store include:
  • Brass Tip: extra hard tip for an ultra-secure hold
  • Cone Point: pointed tip for wedging into softer materials
  • Cup Point: thin edge of the cup provides high holding power
  • Dog Point: protruding tip guides into pre-drilled holes
  • Flat Point: ideal for applications that require frequent adjustments
  • Knurled Cup Point: serrations on cup edge resist loosening
  • Nylon Tip: nylon tip minimizes damage to softer surfaces
  • POM Plastic Tip: similar function to nylon tip, but less expensive
  • Oval Point: allows for easy adjustment with minimal damage to mating surface
  • Slotted: driven into surface using a flat blade screwdriver
  • Pipe Plugs: threaded plugs used to seal the ends of pipes

Material & Coating Options for Grub Screws

Apart from our nylon tip set screws, we also carry various styles with a nylon patch to add friction and prevent loosening. From stainless steel set screws for superior strength to zinc plated set screws for an added level of corrosion resistance, our selection of socket set screws comes in a range of materials and coatings, including:
  • Plain
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel (18/8 & 316)
  • Black Oxide & Thermal Black Oxide
  • Zinc Bake CR+3
  • Mechanical Zinc
  • Copper-Nickel Alloy

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We stock most all standard set screws in our online store. Custom set screws are available with a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks.
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