Metal Eyelets and Grommets

Metal eyelets and grommets are metal fasteners that are used to reinforce holes and cover sharp edged holes in metal and plastic. Various types of metal eyelets and grommets are used for apparel, shoes, tarps, signage and banners, sails, flags, shower curtains, and many other applications.

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RC Fasteners & Components is your component and fastener superstore for a number of different kinds of metal eyelets and metal grommets including two piece sheet metal grommets and washers, plain grommets and teeth washers, rolled rimmed grommets and eyelets, spur washers and neck washers. These metal grommets, washers and eyelets are available in brass and steel materials and are provided plain, tin, black or nickel plated.

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Metal Eyelet Rivets and Sheet Metal Grommets Material Options

Material eyelets and material grommets are made of plastic, brass, zinc coated steel or stainless steel. Metal provides the highest level of durability and can be used with fabrics of varying textures and thicknesses. Zinc coated steel and stainless steel are both highly durable and corrosion resistant, which is ideal for outdoor applications or where fasteners will be exposed to moisture. Brass is also extremely strong and durable and is commonly used for self-piercing grommets.
Plastic is beneficial for covering material edges to prevent cutting or fraying of ropes and cords placed through the grommet. It is a resilient material that is durable, resists moisture and prevents contamination.

What is The Difference Between Metal Eyelets vs. Metal Grommets?

The terms “grommet” and “eyelet” are often used interchangeably but despite their similarities, there are some distinct differences between the two metal snap fastener products.

Metal Eyelets

Eyelets are circular metal fasteners that are used to reinforce pre-punched holes in fabric and other soft materials. They are made of a single piece of material that is inserted into the hole and then compressed using a hand tool or machine to permanently secure the metal eyelet. Selection criteria for metal eyelets is based on the material thickness and desired hole diameter and includes the flange diameter, outside diameter, hole diameter and length under the flange. Setting styles for material eyelets include roll, scored and flared.

Metal Grommets

Metal grommets feature two interlocking pieces that are placed on opposite sides of a hole and then snapped together using a hand tool or metal snap fastener machine.  They have a larger flange and diameter than eyelets for use in heavier fabrics as well as plastic and various types of sheet metal. Sheet metal grommets help reinforce holes in fabric and protect wiring and cabling by covering the sharp edges of drilled holes in metal or plastic.
Both eyelet rivets and sheet metal grommets are attached using washers that are either smooth in construction or feature “spurs” that dig into the fabric to help keep the metal eyelet or grommet in place. There are also self-piercing metal eyelets and grommets that feature a sharpened barrel to cut through fabric, eliminating the need for pre-punched holes.

Wholesale Metal Snap Fasteners for Fabric and Apparel

Yet another type commonly used is metal snap fasteners, which feature two interlocking metal discs that snap together when pressure is applied. Metal snap fasteners and plastic snap fasteners are used for clothing, furniture, luggage and other applications and are usually made of brass or steel or stainless steel.

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