Brighton Best Washers

Washers are thin plates with a hole through the center used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. RC Fasteners partners with Brighton Best International to supply our customers with high quality washers at wholesale prices. Brighton Best is a leading provider for a wide range of RoHS compliant fasteners in a variety of sizes and materials. Click into any of the categories below to request a quick quote. Contact us today with any questions.

Types of Washers from Brighton Best International

Washers are typically used with nuts and bolts to keep components securely fastened. Browse our selection of nuts and bolts from Brighton Best. Click into any of the categories below view options and add to your cart. If you are unsure which type is best suited to your application, contact us, and we will assist you.

External Tooth Lock Washers

External tooth lock washers have teeth around the outer diameter to prevent bolted joints from loosening due to friction. We offer zinc plated external tooth lock washers in a wide range of sizes.

Flat Washers

Flat washers are the standard for most general use applications. Also known as plain washers, these washers are flat circular discs used to provide a smooth bearing surface to distribute a fastener’s load. We offer an extensive selection of flat washers in a wide range of sizes and materials. Fender washers are also available.

Split Lock Washers

Split lock washers are rings that have been twisted and split to create two sharp edges. These washers are installed between a fastener and mating surface to prevent the bolted joints from loosening. Split lock washers should only be used in low-intensity applications to prevent the washer from flattening. Available in a range of sizes and materials.

Square Washers

Square washers are wider and thicker than most circular washers and have flat sides to prevent them from rotating after installation. These washers are well suited to machinery, automotive, and other heavy duty applications. We offer square beveled and plate washers in a variety of sizes and materials.

Material Options for Washer Fasteners

Brighton Best washers come in a variety of material options to work in different applications. We also offer several types of hardened washers to provide added strength. Popular washer materials include:
  • Zinc: Good corrosion resistance. Cost-effective option compared to stainless steel.
  • Carbon steel: Strongest material option but lacks corrosion resistant properties. Options include low carbon and medium carbon washers.
  • Stainless steel: High strength and corrosion resistance. Tends to be more expensive compared to other material options.

Contact Us to Receive Brighton Best Washers in Bulk

RC Fasteners is a proud distributor for Brighton Best International. Our team of experts will work with you to find high quality fasteners you need. If you cannot find a product to work with your requirements, we can custom make one for you. We offer price matching and free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Request a quote on our selection of custom or wholesale Brighton Best washers today. Contact us with any questions.