Solar and Wind

RC Fasteners & Components is your source for quality solar and wind fasteners and components from the worlds most elite manufacturers. Sure we sell the nuts, bolts and screws for the solar and wind industries but did you know we also sell: 


  • Cable Guard
  • Cable Clip Arrays
  • Cable Clamps
  • Copper Lugs
  • Cordgrips
  • Solar Mastheads
  • Spilt Tubing
  • Stainless Wire Ties
  • Sun Runner Clips
  • Sun Wrap Poly
  • Wire Mesh 
  • Wire Mesh Clips

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We carry a massive amount of commercial and industrial fasteners for the solar and wind industry in our Online Store. We offer FREE SHIPPING, wholesale pricing, and stock availability on 1000's of items with many more to come. Check out the selection of stainless bolts, hex cap screws, socket cap screws, socket set screws, metrics, pins, nuts, locknuts and more for solar panels, wind turbines and other green energy applications.

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The Importance of Magni Coatings for Solar and Wind Applications

The importance of fastener coating is becoming more apparent throughout the solar and wind industry. We supply many different Magni Coatings for our solar and wind fasteners that add lubricity, improve appearance and protect against corrosion.

One of the most common coatings is the Magni 565 coating that allows formulating lubricants into the topcoat, usually eliminating the need for messy post-treatments. This non-electrolytically applied, zinc and aluminum rich coating also eliminates concern of hydrogen embrittlement. This coating can be formulated into many colors.

RC Fasteners and Components serves the green industry by supplying Magni coated fasteners for solar and wind applications including wind turbines, solar panels and more. Contact an RC Certified Fastener Specialist today for more information.

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RC Fasteners & Components is a proud distributor of Rotorclip International, a leading manufacturer of Rotor Clip retaining rings for the windpower industry. Rotorclip manufacturers a full line of tapered, constant section and spiral retaining rings meeting inch, DIN, ANSI Metric and JIS standards as well as a complete assortment of TRUWAVE wave springs and ROTOR CLAMP self-compensating hose clamps.
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