Fascomp Precision Shoulder Screws

Wholesale Distributor for Fascomp Precision Shoulder Bolts

Also known as stripper bolts, precision shoulder bolts have tighter tolerances compared to standard shoulder bolts and are commonly used as a spacer in rotating or sliding applications. When installed, these bolts have an unthreaded shoulder that sticks out slightly from the surface to act as a shaft for bushings and bearings. Precision shoulder bolts are incredibly versatile, making them a go-to fastener for a variety of industries.

RC Fasteners partners with Fascomp to supply our customers with high quality standard and custom precision shoulder screws at wholesale prices. Fascomp is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer for a variety of precision electronic hardware. Our selection is available in a wide range of lengths and thread sizes. Click into any of the following options to request a quick quote or contact us today with any questions.

Types of Precision Shoulder Bolts from Fascomp

We offer precision shoulder bolts in steel, stainless steel, or brass constructions with options for special finishes. A nylon patch, nylon pellet, or pre-applied Loctite is also available for locking applications.

Precision Slotted Shoulder Screws

Precision slotted shoulder screws have a horizontal indentation on the head, allowing for easy installation. These slotted fasteners are available in shoulder lengths up to 1” and a variety of thread sizes.

Precision Socket Shoulder Screws

Hex socket shoulder screws, have a hexagonal recess on the head and are generally tightened with a wrench. Our selection of precision socket shoulder screws is available in shoulder lengths up to 1” and a variety of thread sizes.

Applications for Precision Shoulder Screws

The shoulder on these screws acts as a shaft or dowel for rotating bushings, axels, or other sliding elements, allowing for far more versatility compared to regular screws or bolts. With their tight dimensional tolerances, precision shoulder screws can operate in a number of high-performance applications, including:
  • Heavy machinery
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace components
  • Military equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Tooling & fixtures

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RC Fasteners is a proud distributor for Fascomp Electronic Hardware. Our team of experts will work with you to find high quality fasteners you need. If you cannot find a product to work with your requirements, we can custom make one for you. We offer price matching and free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Request a quote on our selection of custom or wholesale Fascomp precision shoulder screws today. Contact us with any questions.