L9 Fasteners

L9 fasteners have the highest tensile strength of any fastening system on the market, making them the strongest and safest solution for the world’s toughest, most high stress environments. Our selection of L9 fasteners are made in the USA and fabricated from high grade alloy steel to provide a minimum tensile strength of 180,000 psi.

RC Fasteners & Components provides wholesale L9 structural hex cap screws, hex nuts, collar locknuts, and washers in an extensive range of sizes. Receive free MTRs (Manufacture Test Reports) upon request. Click into any of the categories below to browse availability and add to your cart. Contact us for more information or submit a quick quote today.

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High Tensile Strength L9 Fasteners for the World’s Toughest Environments

If you find yourself frequently confronted by problems like fastener head separation, loss of clamp load, cracked or split washers and nuts, stripped threads, or rust and corrosion, L9 fasteners may be the solution. These extra strength fasteners have a specially engineered design to eliminate common challenges associated with standard fasteners.
  • Thicker heads allows for better wrench contact and less slippage
  • Radius under cap screw head adds strength
  • Smooth washer bearing surfaces provide uniform load distribution
  • Proper heat treatment protects against splitting and stripping
  • Yellow dichromate zinc plating assists torquing and provides maximum corrosion resistance

L9 Fasteners to Improve Safety & Reduce Costs in Any Industry

Capable of holding 180,000 pounds per square inch, L9 fasteners are the fastener of choice for a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, transportation, solar and wind, manufacturing, construction, and more. We carry a full line of L9 fasteners to help you improve safety, reduce costs, and keep your products on the job longer. Browse:

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RC Fasteners & Components is your source for the strongest and safest fasteners on the market. We supply L9 hex screws, nuts, collar locknuts, and flat washers in any size you need. We offer wholesale pricing on all products. Click into a category above to view availability and add to your cart.
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