Threaded inserts are fasteners designed to be installed into pre-drilled holes, creating a threaded surface for a bolt or screw to be fastened. Inserts are typically used to provide secure connections between two materials that cannot be directly threaded, including plastic surfaces, soft wood surfaces, and certain metal surfaces. Inserts are available in various styles, including hex drive inserts and solid wall inserts, with multiple material options, including brass, stainless steel, and nylon.

Threaded Inserts for Wood, Plastic, & Metal Applications

Threaded inserts are available in many styles, with multiple material options for various applications. Inserts are used in many industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, construction, furniture assembly, woodworking, and more.

Hex Drive Inserts for Soft Wood

Hex drive inserts for soft wood are small cylindrical metal pieces designed to be inserted into pre-drilled holes in soft woods like pine and cedar. Soft woods can be prone to stripping or breaking under heavy loads without inserts. Once inserts have been installed, they provide a strong and secure threaded connection that can be used to attach bolts, screws, or other hardware to the wood. By providing a solid metal anchor point, hex drive inserts can help to prevent these problems and ensure that the hardware stays securely in place.

Knife Thread Inserts for Hard Wood

Knife thread inserts for hard wood consist of a cylindrical metal body with external knife-like threads designed to cut into wood surfaces. The internal threads of the insert can then be used to fasten bolts or screws to the wood securely. Knife thread inserts are available in brass or stainless steel and come in various sizes and thread pitches to accommodate different wood thicknesses. Using knife thread inserts in hardwood increases holding strength while reducing the risk of splitting or cracking the wood.

Inserts for Plastic

Threaded inserts for plastic surfaces provide a solution for securely attaching plastic components in applications where traditional fasteners won’t work. Depending on the specific type, threaded metal inserts can replace stripped threads, set threads into a molded part, or create a threaded hole in soft or thin material. Inserts for plastic are available in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel options.

Solid Wall Inserts for Metal

Solid wall threaded inserts are small cylindrical metal components that provide threads for screws, bolts, and other threaded fasteners in metal materials, including aluminum, steel, and other metal surfaces. They are designed to be pressed or tapped into a pre-drilled hole in the metal material. Solid wall threaded inserts are available in various sizes and thread types to accommodate different fastener sizes and applications. They can be installed using multiple methods, including press-fit, self-tapping, or adhesive bonding.

Coil Inserts for Metal

Coil inserts for metal surfaces are also known as helical inserts or thread inserts. These small, cylindrical metal components provide threads for screws, bolts, and other threaded fasteners in metal surfaces, including aluminum and steel. Unlike solid wall inserts, which are pressed or tapped into a pre-drilled hole, coil inserts are threaded into the material using a specialized installation tool. Coil inserts are commonly used in applications where threads have been damaged or stripped, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for repairing damaged threads in metal materials.

Tools & Accessories for Threaded Inserts

RC Fasteners distributes tools and accessories used to install threaded inserts, including bits & taps, thread repair kits, and more. Not sure which tools or accessories you require for your application? Contact us, and our staff will gladly assist in helping you find the best threaded inserts and tools for your job.

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