Brass Tip Set Screws

Alloy steel brass tip set screws provide a tip that is extremely hard that delivers an ultra-secure hold on any type of surface, while providing good chemical resistance. With years of knowledge and experience, RC Fasteners & Components provides the highest quality brass tipped set screws in the industry.
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Brass Tip Set Screw Advantages

Brass tip set screws are an ideal replacement for using dowel pins or bolts that are mounted in a cross drilled hole in the shaft. By utilizing a set screw with a brass tip will not mar or damage the shaft or the mating part. Additionally, the length of the brass tip set screw should be long enough to provide enough clamping and engagement and allow the tip of the screw to contact the surface of the shaft or rotating part. Other benefits that brass tipped set screws provide include:
  • Secure holds
  • Ultra-hard tip
  • Good chemical resistance

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