Commercial & Industrial Fasteners

Hardware used in industrial and commercial applications must be designed to withstand operational requirements. Designed for specified joining functions, industrial fasteners deliver reliable connections in structural, industrial, manufacturing, and other high-stress applications. We provide industrial hardware in a range of configurations, such as bolts, screws, nuts, anchors, and rivets, to meet the requirements of your application.

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Commercial and Industrial Fasteners


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High-Strength Hardware for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Like standard fasteners, industrial fasteners join and hold two objects together but create stronger connections for more strenuous applications. Industrial hardware is diverse, with many options for reliable fastening applications across industries. With an extensive inventory of options to meet the requirements of industrial and commercial applications, we supply manufacturers, municipalities, and other industrial operations with premium, high-strength industrial fasteners in various styles and materials.

We have a vast inventory of fasteners from quality manufacturers, with nearly 45,000 available from Brighton Best Fasteners. Our distribution network spans 34 regions, including international locations, enabling us to cater to the demands of our customers on a global scale.

Bolts for Municipalities, Manufacturers & Industrial Operations

Bolts are threaded fasteners, typically with a round, square, or hex-shaped head, that provide a robust grip in heavy-duty applications. Similarly shaped to screws, most bolts have a flat end and require tightening with a nut or washer for easy installation and removal.

Able to create a high-strength joint in wood, metal, and concrete, bolt fasteners offer the necessary hold for aerospace, construction, automotive, and manufacturing applications. We offer hex bolts, carriage bolts, structural bolts, and more in a selection of material coatings for durable connections.

Industrial Fastening Screws for High-Strength Applications

A versatile fastener with a raised spiral thread and sharp or flat point, fastening screws can have a straight or tapered shaft and are installed using a screwdriver, wrench, or hex wrench. Screws are often used in metal, wood, and plastic materials and can be configurated to deliver the torque and hold strength required for strenuous applications.

These fasteners are integral across industries and can be found in aerospace, automotive, electronics, green energy, and manufacturing applications. Our selection includes hex cap screws, socket cap screws, construction screws, socket set screws, and more in various coatings, lengths, and thread pitches to meet your requirements.

Securing Hex Nuts, Coupling Nuts, Locknuts, & More

Nuts are securing fasteners, usually featuring a square or hexagonal shape. Designed to be mated with a bolt that has a similar thread, metal nuts have an internal female thread. When mated with a bolt in an assembly, the bolt and the nut grip the material being fastened to create a durable joint while the nut reduces axial movements. RC Fasteners carries acorn nuts, locknuts, coupling nuts, and heavy hex nuts for high-strength connections in industrial applications.

Industrial Anchors for Masonry & Structural Uses

Anchors are heavy-duty fasteners used to connect structural and non-structural components to various base materials. Compatible with solid and hollow concrete, solid and hollow brick, stone, drywall, plaster, plywood, and more, industrial anchors are installed to provide reliable attachments that can withstand shear and pull-out forces. Anchors are often used in masonry, structural, and construction applications in residential and commercial industries. Our inventory features drop-in anchors, expansion shield anchors, E-Z anchors, and more for adequately securing elements in base materials.

Commercial & Industrial Rivets for Various Applications

Available in many configurations, rivets are versatile mechanical fasteners. They feature a two-piece construction consisting of a head at one end and a cylindrical body known as the shaft at the opposite end, with the tapered end of the shaft known as the tail. Installed in pre-drilled materials, the tail of rivets are intentionally deformed or bucked by mechanical force. The deformed tail expands beyond the original diameter to hold the rivet in place between the materials.

Able to support tension, prevent radial movement, and resist vibrations, rivets are ideal for automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding applications. We supply blind rivets, rivet nuts, copper rivets, and aircraft rivets to provide more reliable connections than welded joints in industrial applications.

Top-Quality Industrial Fastener Solutions from RC Fasteners

More than just a distributor, RC Fasteners is your fasteners superstore. In addition to our extensive selection of industrial fasteners, specialty hardware, electronic components, and metric offerings, we supply protective equipment for your safety. We can also provide made-to-print custom fasteners designed specifically for the needs of your applications. Our capabilities support value-added services that streamline your operations and ensure you always have the fasteners and components you require. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, we are dedicated to quality management that fulfills the needs of our customers with reliable and helpful services.

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