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Commercial and Industrial Fasteners are a large part of our business here at RC Fasteners & Components. We supply nearly 45,000 Brighton Best Fasteners from 34 locations throughout the US and abroad. This list includes grade 8 bolts, self tapping screws, socket set screws, socket head cap screws, lag bolts, carriage bolts, metric bolt sizes, metric hex nuts, metric lock nuts and much, much more!

Want more products used in commercial and industrial applications? We are extremely competitive and stock a great deal of all types of rivets such as pop rivets, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, Cherry Aerospace rivets and more.

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We also over a great selection of security and tamper proof screws from one-way, hex socket with pin, torx socket with pin, spanner, tri-wing, spline and more. Whatever tamper proof screws you may be needing, we offer off the shelf and custom to print as well.

There are so many fasteners related to the commercial and industrial industries that we can’t possibly mention them all on this page. However, check out our Online Store. We have FREE SHIPPING, wholesale pricing, and stock availability on 1000's of items with many more to come. If your item is not listed, contact us for a quick quote. We'll be glad to assist you. 



Commercial and Industrial Fasteners


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