Bolts are threaded fasteners that provide superior grip strength for heavy-duty holding applications. They typically have a round, square, or hex-shaped head for installation with a gripping tool. The bolt shape is similar to that of screws, except most bolts have a flat end and tighten using a nut or washer, making it easy to remove and reinstall as needed.

Steel bolts are highly versatile and used to join or fasten materials, including wood, metal, and concrete. With a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to find the right bolt for your application.   

Wholesale Bolts and Fasteners for Any Application

RC Fasteners & Components offers an impressive variety of imported and domestic bolts for all applications and industries, in both inch and metric sizes.

All Brighton Best bolts we carry include MTRs (Manufacture Test Reports) upon request, at no additional charge. If needed, please request MTRs when ordering. Our CR+3 designates products that are RoHS compliant in accordance with the European Union’s RoHS & WEE Directive for hazardous materials.

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Industrial Bolts for Any Industry or Application 

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Whether used to fasten wood, metal, or concrete, bolts are an integral component in a variety of assemblies. RC Fasteners provides Brighton Best bolts for all industries and applications, including:

Custom & Specialty Bolts Made to Your Specifications

Some applications require a particular length or material finish in order to comply with stringent industry standards or perform well in unique environments. That’s why we provide custom fasteners designed to your exact size, diameter, thread pitch, head and drive type, material, and/or surface finish specifications.
When you request custom hardware from RC Fasteners, you are guaranteed high quality results at factory direct prices. Simply send us your prints and we will provide you with the custom bolts you need to get the job done right.

Selection Criteria for Threaded Fasteners

Bolts come in a variety of styles and sizes, both standard and metric. A bolt’s drive type, material, and coating are also important considerations to keep in mind as they affect how it’s installed, where it’s installed, and the type of work it can handle. Our selection of  bolts is available in a range of styles and material options, including but not limited to:
  • Phillips
  • Stainless steel
  • Slotted (Flat Head)
  • Carbon Steel
  • Hex Socket (Allen)
  • Zinc ZR+3
  • Square
  • Yellow Zinc CR+6
  • Torx
  • Hot Tip Galvanized 

Wholesale Bolts in the Style, Size, & Material You Need

From heavy duty bolts for construction to yellow-plated bolts for decorative applications, our inventory of bolts from Brighton Best International includes options for nearly any application. In-stock selection includes:

Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts have a unified thread pitch feature a small, square neck section under the head to prevent the bolt from turning as the nut tightens. We stock stainless steel, medium carbon, and low carbon carriage bolts, including unplated, zinc-coated, and hot dip galvanized options. Select from sizes up to ¾-10 and lengths up to 14”.

Elevator Bolts

Elevator bolts have a shallow conical bearing surface with a square neck under the head and a unified thread pitch. We stock Grade 1 plain and RoHS compliant zinc coated bolts in sizes up to 3/8”-16 and lengths up to 3-1/2” (Ft).

Eye Bolts & U-Bolts

Our extensive bolt inventory includes non-shouldered and shouldered eye bolts and round or square bend U-bolts in several sizes and materials. We stock inch and metric sizes in all the standard materials, including zinc-plated and galvanized steel bolts.

Hanger Bolts

Also known as headless hanger bolts or hanger screws, hanger bolts are ideal for fastening wood to metal. We offer plain and Zinc (CR+3) coated hanger bolts, available in sizes ranging from #6-32 to 3/8”-16 and in lengths ranging from 1” to 6”.

Hex Bolts

Hex Bolts are different then hex cap screws as they are hot forged and not cold headed. They also do not have the tight tolerances of hex cap screws but are highly used in the construction industry because of their mechanical properties.
Heavy-duty hex bolts have external threading and feature an oversized, six-sided head to provide a greater wrenching area. Select from hundreds of options including plain, RoHS Complaint Zinc Clear or Hot Dip Galvanized plating. ASTM A193, ASTM A307 Grade A, and Grade B7 bolts available.

Hex Lag Bolts

Hex Lag Bolts are full-bodied bolts with a hex head, spaced threads and a gimlet point. The Hex Lag Bolt is ideally a longer and stronger version of an ordinary wood screw, just larger in diameter and length. We offer hex lag bolts in diameters from 1/4" to 3/4" diameter and lengths up to 24”.

Hex Tap Bolts

Hex tap bolts have a hex head and are fully threaded with a machined point. Our bolt inventory includes stainless steel, ASTM A307 Grade A low carbon, and ASTM A307 Grade 5 medium carbon with an option of plain or RoHS compliant zinc clear coating. We carry sizes up to 1 ¼ -7 and lengths up to 6 ½”.

L9 Fasteners

L9 designates fasteners made from high quality alloy steel, offering a tensile strength of approximately 180,000 lbs./inch. We offer a wide range of L9 fasteners, including L9 hex cap screws, L9 hex nuts, L9 collar locknuts, and L9 USS and SAE flat washers. Available in a range of sizes and coatings.

Plow Bolts

Plow Bolts feature a countersunk, flat head, along with a square neck and a unified thread pitch. We carry Grade 5 Plow Bolts made from medium carbon steel with a core hardness of Rockwell C25-C34.

Stove Bolts

Commonly used in the assembly of wood burning stoves, stove bolts are a type of machine screw with a slotted head that’s either rounded, flat, or trussed. We offer a wide range of zinc (CR+3) coated stove bolts with M/S nuts, available in sizes ranging from #6-32 to 3/8”-16 and in lengths ranging from 3/8” to 6”.

Serrated Flange Bolts

A serrated hex flange bolt is an unslotted hex head screw with a unified thread pitch and a flange that has serrations under the head or on the bearing surface side. Serrated hex flange bolts are designed for use in applications where loosening forces are present, such as vibration.
The serrations grip to the bearing surface so that significantly more torque is needed to loosen than to tighten the screw. The flange provides more strength than a standard machine screw, eliminating the need for a lock-washer or locknut in certain applications. We carry Grade 5 hex head serrated crews in sizes up to 1/2”-13 and lengths up to 3” (Ft).

Square Head Bolts

Square head bolts are fully threaded and feature a square wrenching head for greater bearing surface. Our inventory includes low and medium carbon steel A307 Grade A bolts in sizes up to 1” and lengths up to 12”.

Structural Bolts

Structural bolts, also called "TC" Tension Control Bolts, follow ASTM A325 and ASTM A490 specifications. This three-piece fastening system consists of 1) a round-head bolt with a truncated, flat surface area at the top, and a 24-sided tip which protrudes from the opposite end. The tip is calibrated to shear off when the proper tension is achieved; 2) a 2H heavy hex nut, and 3) a structural washer. Structural bolts are commonly used in structural steel joints in heavy construction.

Timber Bolts

Timber bolts have a round, dome-shaped head and four fins that sink into the material surface at the nut tightens. We carry ASTM A307 Grade A, with a hot dipped galvanized finish in sizes up to 3/4”-10 and thread lengths up to 26”.

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