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Many components are used to secure electronic assemblies and devices. Electronic hardware offers mechanical solutions in industrial applications for computers, panel assemblies, and more. With the capability to provide custom hardware products, electronic hardware from RC Fastener is designed to meet your requirements. Learn about our offerings for electromechanical components, their applications, and our wholesale opportunities.

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RC Fasteners & Components supplies top-quality electronic hardware at competitive prices. As distributors for leading manufacturers in the industry, like Fascomp Electronic Hardware, Rf Electronic Hardware, and Lyntron, we can offer the highest quality products at factory direct prices. We maintain a vast inventory of electronic hardware and components for various industries in metric and inch-measure sizes. With captive panel screws, shoulder screws, miniature components, and more, we are your all-in-one electronic component and fastener superstore!

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Captive Panel Screws 

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Used in electronic applications where fastener loss is a concern, captive panel screws ensure a secure fastening connection. The portion of the shank near the head is left unthreaded, so when a washer is attached to the threaded end portion, captive panel screws stay in place. We offer four styles of captive screws, offering an array of solutions for panel fastening in PC boards, electronic panel assemblies, and more.


Standoffs are electrical hardware components that connect, position, and raise panels or PCB assemblies above other electronic components. Designed with a cylindrical or hexagonal body, standoffs can have internally threaded openings (female) and externally threaded ends (male). Cylindrical styles can be tightened by hand, and a wrench easily tightens hexagonal shapes.

Male-Female Standoffs

Designed to join two components and maintain a specified distance between them, typically raising one component above another, male-female standoffs have an internally threaded opening at one end and an externally threaded shaft at the opposing end. Allowing for threaded fasteners to be attached, while the male-female standoff also serves as a threaded fastener. Available in various lengths in hexagonal and cylindrical bodies.

Female Standoffs

Female standoffs (also called female-to-female standoffs) join two components via threaded fasteners and hold them apart at a specific distance, usually to raise one component above another. Featuring a hexagonal or cylindrical shaft, these spacers have an internally threaded opening on each end for connecting fastener installation. We offer female standoffs in a variety of lengths to meet the needs of your electronic assemblies.

Metric Standoffs

We offer female standoffs and male-female standoffs in metric sizes. For applications requiring standoffs with two internally threaded openings, we have metric female standoffs. Our inventory also includes metric male-female standoffs for applications requiring electronic hardware with a threaded external component and threaded internal opening.

Precision Shoulder Screws

Featuring a unique design, shoulder screws are used in spacer and surface-bearing applications. Shoulder screws have a long, cylindrical middle section that is wider than the screw section and narrower than the head, known as a shoulder. These precision screws are helpful for pulley and gear applications, and are generally ideal for mechanical assemblies where the shoulder allows for the rotation of connected parts. Manufactured with tighter tolerances than standard shoulder screws, RC Fastener supplies slotted and socket precision shoulder screws to meet your requirements.

Jack Screws

Jack screws are male-female mechanical fasteners typically used in connecting applications. With an externally threaded post and an internally threaded portion at the opposite end, jack screws are installed in computers and electronic hardware assemblies to fasten cable connectors.


Most often used to maintain minimum clearance requirements in applications with tight tolerances, electronic spacers are unthreaded, cylindrical or hexagonal tube-like components through which fasteners are inserted. Fasteners can be fully tightened with spacers while maintaining the necessary spacing between elements. Multiple diameters and lengths are available.


Used to open and close a variety of doors and drawers, handles are a versatile component for assemblies. We stock various handles to enhance your electronic enclosures and other applications with easy access functionality.

Thumb Screws

Featuring a knurled outer surface that gives users a better grip, thumb screws are commonly used for applications that require periodic manual adjustments where finger tightening is sufficient. We offer plain and washer face thumb screws in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes to meet your fastener requirements.

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