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RC Fasteners & Components is your number one source for top quality, Made in the USA eye bolts, U bolts, and related hardware. We offer clevis pins, hoist rings, thimbles, and much more in imperial and metric sizes.

We Provide a Large Selection of Custom and Wholesale U Bolts and Eye Bolts for Any Application

Whether you need stock hardware listed in the catalogs below or custom made u bolts and eye bolts manufactured to your specifications, we have the lifting hardware your project requires. We have warehouse locations all across the USA and can get you the eye bolts and U bolts you need, when you need them, and at prices that fit your budget.

We carry a vast inventory of eye bolts, u bolts and other USA Made lifting hardware in metric and imperial sizes to meet your requirements. Click each product line below to view the specs, view our PDFs of full product offerings or get in touch with the U Bolt and Eye Bolt experts to discuss your application requirements.

Custom and Wholesale Eye Bolts and U Bolt Full Product Offerings


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Non-Shouldered and Shouldered Eye Bolts for Light and Heavy-Duty Applications

Eye bolts are metal fasteners that feature a bolt on one end and a loop at the other. The threaded end of the eye bolt is attached to a structure and ropes, cables or hooks are attached to the looped end for use in light- and heavy-duty hanging, lifting and rigging applications.

Eye bolts are typically made from stainless steel or galvanized metal, both of which are corrosion-resistant and provide excellent durability and strength. These characteristics are especially important for applications that are outdoors and where hardware is exposed to moisture, ocean spray and other corrosive elements.

We offer custom & wholesale eye bolts in metric and imperial sizes in the following options:

Forged Eye Bolts

Have a continuous eye and made of forged metal for superior strength and use with heavy, off-axis loads. Available in regular machine thread, shoulder machine thread, regular screw thread and shoulder screw thread eye bolt options with a standard hot galvanized finish.

Turned Eye Bolts

Are also known as wire eye bolts and are designed for lightweight wire guiding and tie-down applications and cannot support angular loads. Our wire eye bolts are zinc plated and available with a lag screw thread, or a rolled or welded machine thread with an unassembled hex nut.

Machinery Eye Bolts

Fully threaded eye bolts that feature a shoulder design for use with angular loads up to 45°. Available in plain pattern, shoulder pattern and drop forged lifting eyes options. Material options include zinc plated, hot galvanized and carbon steel.

How to Select the Correct Lifting Eye Bolt or Rigging Eye Bolt

Not using the correct type of eye bolt can lead to accidents, injury and equipment damage. While non-shouldered eye bolts are used for a variety of lifting and rigging applications, they should only be used for vertical or inline loads. For applications involving angular loads, you need to use a shoulder eye bolt. The difference between the two is that a shoulder eye bolt features a flat shoulder at the base of the eye. This allows the eye bolt to sit completely flush with the material, which provides additional strength.

The amount of tension created by the sling angle is also an important factor, especially for angular loads. As tension increases, it significantly reduces the load capacity of the eye bolt. To prevent overload and potential eye bolt breakage, you should select forged eye bolts or machinery eye bolts that provide enough strength for your rigging application. It is recommended that shoulder pattern eye bolts are never used for angular lifts with more than a 45° pull.

Select an eye bolt with the correct diameter so that the ropes, cables or hooks being used in your application can easily slide into the eye and be properly aligned prior to use. Once installed, make sure your eye bolts are properly aligned and tightened so they do rotate and loosen during lifting.

Round and Square Bend U-Bolts for Support and Fastening Applications

U-bolts are metal fasteners that are U-shaped with a screw thread on each end that is secured by one or two nuts. The unique shape of a U-bolt can be curved or square with various thread sizes. They wrap easily around round or square-shaped objects and allow fixtures to be easily secured to a flat surface or around a pole or beam. Common materials for U bolts include aluminum, zinc plated steel and galvanized steel, all of which provide protection against rust and corrosion.

U bolts provide excellent clamping force and are commonly used for construction and home improvement applications to secure pipes, lines, beams and other fixtures. They are also used by the automotive industry to secure motor and engine shaft components. Selection criteria for U-bolts includes material type, thread dimensions, and inside diameter and height.

We offer a variety of U-Bolts  including stainless steel U bolts, zinc plated U bolts and hot galvanized U bolts in metric and imperial sizes. We also offer self-colored U bolts and custom U bolts up to 1” diameter upon request.
  • Round Bend U-Bolts: Feature a rounded U-shape with two NC rolled threads with two or four hex nuts. Available in aluminum, zinc plated steel or hot galvanized steel with a diameter & thread up to 1”-8 and thread lengths up to 4-3/4”. Zinc plated U bolts and galvanized U bolts are also offered with an optional plate.
  • Square Bend U-Bolts: Square-shaped U-bolts for use with support beams and square pipes. Available in stainless steel, zinc plated and hot galvanized U bolt options with two hex nuts and washers. All diameters are 3/8”-16 with thread lengths up to 5-5/8” and inside widths up to 6”.

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