CNC & Screw Machine Parts

CNC turned parts are custom print parts that are created using a lathe. It is a highly detailed manufacturing process that allows for intricate details and rigid designs, along with precise tolerances to +/- .0001”. Custom CNC machined parts are created using high speed, dual axis movement and a single point cutting tool that is computer controlled to provide the highest level of accuracy. Material is held in place by a chuck while the cutting tools rotate around the material to cut the desired shape. The speed and complexity of this process makes it ideal for producing short runs of custom print parts as well as prototypes.

Custom screw machine parts are manufactured in a similar fashion by using a multi-axis lathe with single or multiple spindles.  Material is automatically fed through the screw machine as a series of cams and gears are used to control the speed of the cutting tools. This method of manufacturing custom CNC machined parts provides high precision and tight tolerances to produce medium to high volumes of custom print parts.

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Custom Screw Machine Parts from a Precision CNC Machine Parts Supplier

RC Fasteners & Components specializes in precision custom CNC machined and turned parts, tight tolerance custom screw machine parts, and custom to-print parts in a range of materials including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and more.

We have the experts in the field working with various CNC machine parts manufacturers to get you the best prices, the best lead times, and the best quality products for your high precision applications. Our experts can also assist you with determining whether CNC turned parts or screw machined parts are best for your intended application. Considerations in selecting a process for your to-spec parts include run volume, the OD of your custom part, and cost.

Contact us and send us a print or manufacturer’s part number to get started on the custom CNC turned parts or screw machine parts you need!

Simple and Complex Custom Print Parts Based On Your Specifications

The custom CNC machined parts and screw machine parts provided by RC Fasteners & Components run the gamut from simple to complex. Frequently requested custom prints quote include:

  • Bushings: vibration isolators that provide an interface between two moving parts and commonly used in automotive suspension systems
  • Captive screws: threaded fasteners that lock into position provide a permanent hold
  • Captive screw assemblies: include captive screws and either a flat or lock washer to hold the screw in place, even when a component is loosened
  • Handles: manufactured in various configurations for use in furniture and panels 
  • Ferrules: metal rings or caps used to strengthen a tube or joint and prevent splitting and wear
  • Locking fasteners: internally or externally custom threaded fasteners that lock into place to prevent loosening
  • Precision nuts: including standard and locking nuts of various sizes and styles
  • Panel fasteners: used as a replacement for screws and rivets in the assembly of gaskets, panels and other components
  • Screw retainers: cylindrical fasteners that are inserted into pre-drilled holes or slots to hold screws in place
  • Studs: metal construction fasteners used to secure drywall to wall framing
  • Spacers: metal fasteners that create a space between two components to allow for precise positioning
  • Springs: wire forms including compression, extension and torsion springs used to exert mechanical force in a range of manufacturing applications
  • Stampings: metal forms including springs and fasteners created using a die and hydraulic stamping machine
  • Standoffs: metal spacers typically used in electronics applications to create a space between PCBs
  • Thumb screws: threaded fasteners that can be tightened by hand without using an external drive
  • Washers: are used as spacers or placed under the head of a blot to distribute equal pressure between joining surfaces.
  • And more
We also excel at custom miniature fasteners and custom screws of all types and provide value added services for your to-spec parts including re-work services, stock and release, and kitting and assembly.

Quality Parts from ISO 9001 Certified CNC Machine Parts Manufacturers

Over the last 30-plus years, we’ve established special relationships with a number of quality, ISO 9001-certified manufacturers, both domestic and overseas. These relationships help us guarantee special pricing from some of the best manufacturers in the world—savings that we pass along to our customers. In many cases, you’ll find that our prices are better than if you went direct to the manufacturer yourself.

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