Thread Forming Fasteners RC Fasteners & Components carries a large inventory of quality thread forming and thread rolling screws specifically designed to reduce cracking and stripping in thermoplastics. Our alternative plastite screws and taptite screws are made from the highest quality and are stocked both domestic and import. For more information, see the specs below.

Plastite® 48-2 tri-lobular thread rolling screws

Plastite® 48-2 tri-lobular thread rolling screws have a twin lead and sharper (48 deg) threads for minimal displacement of materials. Cracking of plastic and boss breakage is greatly reduced. This version of plastite screws is highly recommended where high torques are required. Plastite® is a registered trademark of REMINC (Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.)

Taptite® thread rolling screws

Taptite® and Taptite® II screws have a unique tri-lobular shape that forms a mating thread in an unthreaded pilot hole. The threads are work hardened as they are formed, providing a strong joint or assembly. The excess metal fills in behind the tri-lobular lobes to provide maximum contact and a secure assembly. The tri-lobular shape of the screw shank reduces friction during driving to assure low driving torque and also generates a prevailing torque that exceeds the level of a locking screw. The interference fit provides resistance to vibrational loosening. Taptite® and Taptite® II  are registered trademarks of REMINC (Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.)

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HI-LO® thread forming screws

HI-LO® screws, with their alternating high and low threads are a great fastening solution for low stress applications such as plastic, wood, particle board and other low density materials. It has a double-lead thread where the Hi part of the thread displaces less material when it’s driven into the surface, allowing for lower driving torques. Much more material remains between the Hi and Low threads which provides maximum protection against stripping and pull-out. HI-LO® is a registered trademark of Illinois Tools Works Incorporated

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